Beware, there is a new Campbell in the British Fashion sphere! Of course, we will never forget the "older" one ( Naomi you'll always be in our little fashionistos' hearts!) but now, when we will hear the name Campbell, we will also think of Edie, the cool, the lanky, the dégaine Edie Campbell! Since her hair transformation (inititated by photographer Steven Meisel) that elevated her to the rank of über model, she has been a strong, powerful yet emotional face. 2013 has definitely been her year! She opened the biggest fashion shows: Saint Laurent Paris, Alexander McQueen, Victoria Beckham and of course, Louis Vuitton! The last Vuitton show by Marc Jacobs where she was almost naked, wearing the LV monogram by Stephen Sprouse painted on her. Phenomenal! Edie Campbell has this je ne sais quoi, this Britishness, something deep inside her that you can also find in such girls as Cara Delevingne or Kate Moss. Unexplainable but mesmerising.
Thanks to Love Magazine and to end 2013 in the best way, each day, via their Advent Calendar, a model or a British It Girl ( Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Pixie Geldof or Candice Swanepoel to name a few) sings a capella a Christmas carol and today it is the turn of the Model of the Year at the latest British Fashion Awards, Edie Campbell and this time, she is accompanied by Dolly the Horse. Enjoy!

Picture by Boo George

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