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Another year is coming to an end. Another year filled with the emotion of Fashion and a huge desire to write about it. We'd love to thank you dear readers/followers for visiting our blog, loving it, commenting it because it means the world to us. As a way to end 2014, here is the 12 most-read articles month by month with the links above the pictures if you want to catch up. Once again, thank you, have a wonderful 2015 and see you very very soon (tomorrow?) for more Fashion, more Outfits of the Day, more Obsessions, more Must Haves, more Music, more Editorials, more Magazine Covers...


Kawakubo Loves Jacquemus [pic via Candy Magazine]


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Wang Goes Global


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Easy Come! Easy Go!



As part of our 2014 Retrospective, we could not forget to write about Music. Ok, Fashion is what occupies most of our spirits & hearts but music also has its share, an important share. As a daily inspiration and as a driving force to write articles for We Are Ready Made, to wake up, to find the energy and motivation to go to work, to release the pressure, to dance (sometimes in an uncontrolled way). Music is essential to us! When it came to make a list of the songs and artists that enliven our year, we quickly came to the conclusion that we mostly listened to female artists from very different universes but with the same goal: showing that Girl Power is more than alive!

Though I (Charles) will mostly use the "We" (Yann & I) in this post, the first artist I'd love to talk about is my favourite of 2014 but still a mystery to Yann. Am I clear? Christine and the Queens is my absolute coup de coeur of the year and quite like Mommy, Xavier Dolan's movie, her songs work with me like something pretty inexplicable but completely moving and haunting. I could literally listen to her first album Chaleur Humaine, ten times a day. I love her texts (even if sometimes you have to listen to them several times to get it), her phrasing, her melodies, the feelings she wants to convey through them, her way of moving and occupying a space, her boyish style and I could go on and on... She is simply unique, a kind of UFO you'll have to tame to get the gist and enter her world. I'm not sure she is already famous all around the world but you, fellow readers from another part of the world, you should definitely start listening to her (no matter what you will understand - she mostly sings in French) if you want to be carried away in another galaxy.

We had the chance to attend some really cool gigs that will stay for sure in our minds for a long time. Au Revoir Simone, the band from New York and their delicate & perfect melodies. You can't help smiling and moving slowly when you have these girls in front of you. It was a really cute moment and the next time, they'll come to France, we'll be there! Owlle, the opening act of Au Revoir Simone has also been a nice discovery. This French girl knows how to make people dance with her punchy songs. To be honest, the shows we have loved the most this year were from two eccentric girls from Great Britain. Ok, one, Ebony Bones, is perhaps more eccentric than the other, La Roux, but they have their very own style, highly recognizable and their songs made us dance till the end of the night and way after the end of their shows. It was crazy and wet! The first one created a kind of energy ball that destroyed everything in its wake. Insane! Yann will remember long the moment she got down the stage to grasp him and dance with him! La Roux did not get down the Bataclan stage but there was a huge communion with her audience. Something deeply human and affectionate. She was here to make us dance, to make us sing and bounce with her songs (a perfect mix of old and news ones, so many hits!). We had been waiting for her concert for a long time and had not been disappointed. She is a wonderful artist that would deserve a larger audience. Her latest album Trouble in Paradise is so so good (such songs as Tropical Chancer, Silent Partner or Kiss And Not Tell made us dance so hard!) we don't understand the timid reception.

We cannot write such a post without mentioning Kiesza surfing on a 90s wave full of Hoooooooo and Haaaaaaaa, Robyn with Röyksopp and their perfect mini album full of obsessing tunes, Yelle and her crazy delicious pop songs, Nicky Minaj and her insane Anaconda that proved us that moving your ass can be an art, Iggy Azalea (another girl famous for her butt) who has made all the possible featurings this year or Nancy Whang with The Juan MacLean that has been electrifying us for years now!



Awarding Alexander Wang as designer of the year was not an easy choice. It is quite impossible to say who deserves it the most. Which qualities a designer should have to be the best? Actually we don't know. It's not a fair choice but we had to do it. Honestly, we chose Wang because at the moment, his name means a lot to people all around the world. His name has been literally on everyone's lips throughout 2014.But, on the other hand, we could have celebrated Nicolas Ghesquière instead. He has been the breakout news of 2014 too. His comeback was announced like the return of some fashion hero or Jesus as if one man could save the entire industry from the lack of creativity and boldness. Compared to the arrival of Wang at Balenciaga, Ghesquière's appointment has never been questioned. His name also means a lot to the fashion industry, perhaps not to all the human beings (that's why Ghesquière with H&M is unlikely to happen). But is it enough to bring Louis Vuitton and its travel legacy to the post internet era? Yes, it is! Considering his outstanding work for Balenciaga. Ghesquière is the master of Retro-Futurism. His role at Louis Vuitton will  be easy considering his first anticipated collections that have serious arguments (the models, the clothes, the bags and accessories) to attract and to monopolize many editorials and magazine covers that are going to sell because of him. Even Rei Kawakubo loves him & his products as Dover Street Market have sold the Louis Vuitton AW14 collection. She has collaborated with him as well as other artists for a capsule collections of hyper luxury accessories. His power of attraction is limitless. That's why awarding Nicolas Ghesquière as designer of 2014 was not enough. In our opinion, Ghesquière has already won so many categories such as the best collection, the best accessories, the best ad campaigns, the best soundtrack, the best fashion show, the best casting,...he has worked with Freja Beha, his muse and friend is Charlotte Gainsbourg, he has said NO to Anna Wintour's regular backstage preview of a collection....etc....every woman wants to marry him...every man wants to be with him....(we could carry on and on like this but you all know what we are talking about). Actually he has been honored at the British Fashion Award 2014 as  the winner of the international designer prize. There's no award to acknowledge his work and his influence over the industry. His arrival at Louis Vuitton is clearly a new beginning. It's like the opening scene of 2001, Space Odyssey. It's a new dawn for the industry. "It's time to wake up!"



Jolly Ol' Style Picks

Merry Christmas (to those who celebrate). How many of you are still in your PJs tinkering with your holiday loot? Or maybe flipping through magazines, blog feeds whatever while sipping that last bit of egg nog? Well, today is the big day. What's next New Year? Now is the time to reflect on giving, gratitude and also what worked for us this year, and what didn't work so much. Take it easy today... luckily there is a fantastic roundup this week to feed your inner muse!

Links à la Mode: December 25th



Among all the people who has captured the media through 2014 Alexander Wang is the one that keeps coming back in our minds. If there was an award to be given for the designer of the year it would go to him. His name has come again and again in the fashion news, spreading like an epidemic through this year with the likes of his anticipated global market collaboration with the high street giant H&M, turning the world into an athletic gang or taking the Health Goth trend to the mass market. It was a thoughtful move as the collab was sold out by the end of the day. His influence is limitless and it is difficult to number it. Wang grew up in the 90's. He has a special and personal relationship with the Street Culture, his trademark. 

The Street Culture is at the core of his eponymous Spring Summer 2015 collection. The dialogue he has established with the street culture can also be found in his SS15 collection for Balenciaga where he pushed the limits of Couture craftsmanship that he mixed up with athletic wear delivering an outstanding collection. Through this collection people can recognize his signature. He's fearless and can express his creativity without the heavy legacy of the house and the shadow of Nicolas Ghesquière. Now Wang's name goes hand in hand with Balenciaga. His business is juicy and busy. He is about to open a flagship in London and has launched a denim capsule collection with his girl Anna Ewers as an ambassador (she's also the face of the new Balenciaga fragrance). His brand is definitely growing fast like a cancer and it's a good thing. The only thing we could wish him for the future is to keep his freedom and his independence.

Wang's Diary in 2014 


06.03.14 T By AW -MANGO VIDEO

7.25.14   RTW - F14 CAMPAIGN

7.30.14     NYC INSTALLATION #22

09.24.14     FALL HEAT - VIDEO

10.03.14   NYC INSTALLATION #23





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CAUTION: This article is guaranteed a 100% Kendall Jenner free.

Anna, Mica, Ine, Binx, Natalie, Issa or Lexi, those are the names you had to learn and remember in 2014. That's the kind of lesson we love to learn year after year. These are the new faces that will shape the future of fashion and beauty so it's always a pleasure to spot these girls that might have a chance to become the new supermodels. Uniqueness is what defines them most. Of course, we can already hear the party crashers saying that models all look the same, that we are in a terrifying cycle of normalization of beauty. It's true they are all tall, young and fit. We are not here to play a hypocritical game so you won't hear us beg for "Normal Girls". We know how to make the difference (and everybody should be able to do so) between this weird but fascinating world of Fashion and normal life. We are Normal. These girls are not. Alleluia! Normal life is B-O-R-I-N-G, we don't read fashion magazines or watch runway shows to get bored and fall asleep. 
Apart from Natalie Westling & Binx Walton who are, according to us, the breakout models of the year, we have to admit that two other girls have particularly caught our attention in 2014. Two very different girls that have a point in common or more specifically, a person in common: Miuccia Prada. Indeed, both Anna Ewers & Mica Arganaraz debuted under the best auspices since they were knighted by the Italian Fashion Fairy starring in the Prada campaigns [ Resort 2014 for Anna, FW14 for Mica] which is for a model, the best way to start. Ask Amanda Murphy, Lindsey Wixson, Fei Fei Sun or Malaika Firth if starring in a Prada campaign at the beginning of their carreers proved a success, we are quite sure of what they would answer... After being put under the spotlights by the Italian brand, Anna Ewers made another big meeting with the King of New York, Alexander Wang. Images speak for themselves, it seem that the designer has found his muse in Anna Ewers, she is the face of everything he imagines and creates. His latest collections [SS14 and FW14] for his eponymous brand. The newest Balenciaga fragrance or the brand new denim branch of Alexander Wang in which she bares her soul and maybe a little more... Her sulky expression and sultry behaviour make us think she's a kind of new Lara Stone, a fantasy, a dream, a kind of Brigitte Bardot with a sad look upon her face. For the moment, we haven't seen an editorial with her that we haven't loved, she's definitely one of these faces you can imagine everywhere, naked or covered head to toe in Junya Watanabe. One thing for sure, the year to come will also be her year since she is already announced in the highly anticipated Marc Jacobs SS15 ad campaign with its stellar cast [Karlie Kloss, Anja Rubik, Issa Lish, Joan Smalls, Natasha Poly, Jessica Stam and more!] and perhaps, she will star again in an Alexander Wang campaign, his universe suits her so well! Let's cross our fingers.

by Craig McDean for W Magazine
Pic by Steven Klein
Vogue China Oct. 14 by Craig McDean
by Glen Luchford for Vogue UK Oct.14

Mica Arganaraz, the Argentinian willowy girl is the other big sensation of 2014. Her highly recognizable haircut, her deep dark eyes, full lips and boyish attitude are her signatures. We're pretty sure all these elements appealed to Miuccia Prada who decided to feature her alone in her latest ad campaign. Featuring one single model in a Prada campaign had not happened since Linda Evangelista back in 2008. Quite a good omen, isn't it?! So will she still be the face of Prada next season?We'll have to wait a bit to know. One thing for sure: she has already signed for another huge label since she is the star of the Givenchy SS15 campaign along with new faces such as Imaan Hammam, Stella Lucia and the legendary Julia Roberts, not that bad for a girl who, a few years ago, while in high school, refused to enter the modelling world to focus on her studies.

Mica Arganaraz by Billy Kidd for Numero Magazine

by Willy Vanderperre for I-D Magazine Winter 2014

DIOR Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

PRADA FW14 Ad Campaign by Steven Meisel

by Brett Lloyd for SSAW Magazine SS14



ZARA Biker Jacket
ZARA Pants
ZARA Leather Boots


Holiday Home Stretch

We're wrapping up things up for this year, some of us quite literally! But others, well, we're still frantically trying to figure out to get that you-know-who who's hard to shop for. Anyway, this week, we're a bit focused on the holidays, as that's all many of us can think of. But not to worry, it's only for about a week or so!

Links a la Mode: December 18th



As part of our Retrospective of the year and though Fashion is what occupies the biggest part in our minds ad hearts, we have to tell you about the other things we have loved in 2014. There are so many other things that have inspired us, shaken us, thrilled us, impressed us...

We could have talked about the mind-blowing Gone Girl with the more than surprising Rosamund Pike, we could have written about Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel, a pleasure for eyes with a stellar cast, we could have mentioned the utterly fun Guardians of the Galaxy, the scandalous Bonello's Saint Laurent or the satirical & dark Maps to the Stars. All these pictures would have deserved an article to tell you how much we have loved them. Yet, among all the movies we have seen this year, there is clearly one that stands apart: Mommy by Xavier Dolan. We have been loving the work of this Canadian prodigy since his first movie J'ai Tué Ma Mère (I Killed My Mother) in 2009 when he was only 20 because he has a unique vision of what a movie should be. His aesthetics mixing perfect images with music give his movies a very recognizable touch. Just like a Tarantino or a Wong Kar Wai, you know it when you're watching a Dolan's movie. We have loved each and every movie of him from Les Amours Imaginaires [Heartbeats] to Tom à la Ferme (also out this year) including Laurence Anyways. To say that we were waiting for Mommy would be an understatement, we were craving to see it and its presentation back in May at the Cannes Film Festival made us even more impatient. The reviews were incredible, people were flabbergasted by this movie and its cast. We could only dream of the Palme d'Or for Xavier Dolan. It would have been so well-deserved. Ok, the Grand Prize is not so bad we guess but the jury led by Jane Campion should have had the balls to give him more than this. We were in May and we, in France, had to wait almost 5 long months before having the chance to watch it. The wait would be never-ending. The first trailer during Summer made us even more excited. OMG I could remember the shivers running through my body as I was watching it, I could almost feel tears coming to my eyes and I can still feel them as I'm writing this post. 

Sometimes when you're waiting for something too hard, the moment your desire is satisfied, there's a mixed feeling of joy and disappointment. I knew that though we were waiting for Mommy this hard, disappointment would never come into consideration. From the bottom of my heart, I knew it. Only a few movies have overwhelmed me/us the way Mommy did. As far as I (Charles) am concerned, I could mention for very different reasons Les Chansons d'Amour, Elephant or Bridges to Madison County, I think Mommy goes even beyond these experiences. Even now, I can't quite describe what has moved me so deeply. Perhaps and almost certainly, the mother and son story, the fact that this mum would have done everything possible (even the worse) for her son. We all have peculiar links with our mothers, we all have our own stories with them and in that way, Mommy is completely universal. It may also lay in the fact that this movie is a portrait of broken people, each in their own way, dealing with their own issues and fighting for something lighter, happier. Aren't we all in this position after all? It is so hard for me to write about Mommy, it's insane! I could not imagine that all the things I wanted to say would mix and move me this much. I guess it's the power of great movies: not being able to write about them, not being able to use words to describe them. You just have to have your own experience, to form your opinion and enjoy your own ride. One thing is sure, I'm glad and grateful for Mr Dolan for making me feel this way. I cried rivers, my body was shaking, my inner self exploded but I'm grateful for having experienced it.

Thank You Xavier Dolan. Long Live You & Your Movies.

Korean posters for Mommy



Shayne Oliver and Virgil Abloh are definitely the two streetwise established talents whose brands (respectively Hood By Air and Off White) are shaking up the post internet era. They have a lot of followers meaning that every cool kid on the planet has their names on his/her lips or got their names on his/her clothes. It's a post internet era but the logomania of the 90's has made a serious comeback. People who choose to wear their clothes will definitely stand through the crowd. Their silhouettes are very recognizable and very codified. These brands are very young but they are growing quickly and furiously because of their outstanding success. These two street core geniuses have gathered a lot of hardcore followers who look like boys and girls in the uniform of the brands walking the streets of every capital of fashion like members of a gang. Oliver and Abloh have succeeded in capturing this post internet world we are living in and in establishing their brands as the archetype of modernity. That's why we bring up these two brands as part of our Best Of 2014 not as the ones to watch but as the ones to follow on Instagram (if it's not already the case), to buy and to talk about. We haven't seen these two coming so we can also consider them as the unexpected moment of 2014. We certainly have missed something but now we fully understand their unique dialogue with fashion. They have added their own Street Goth alphabet to fashion (somehow as Rick Owens's offsprings) taking reference from the youth and street subcultures. They can no longer be considered as the next cool brands on everyone's lips but at the same time, they are more than a mere sensation. They are just relevant.

All these pictures come from Tumblr