Kate Moss or "la Katou" as an affectionate nickname we use when we talk about her, the most influential British woman in the world, like they say in UK, there's only two Kates: the princess and her. Kate is like a member of the Royal family for the British people, being as important as them and probably the best ambassador, illustrating what is britishness.
Kate is more than a supermodel, more than a woman, she is the absolute muse because every designer dreams to work with her, if they haven't. Kate and Alexander McQueen is like a love story that will go on forever. This particular collaboration is like McQueen's legacy, as if it has been written somewhere that Kate and the Couture RTW house will work together. No wonder McQueen chooses Kate to be the hero of their enigmatic SS14  film, the one to watch campaign that has created a buzz after several teasers. No more word, let's watch the video!

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