Another week and another selection to IFB Links A La Mode! Each time, it's the same emotion, being selected means other bloggers love what we are writing and it encourages us to go on and be better and better! So if you haven't read our article about Fashion East, it is the perfect moment to do so and the perfect moment to discover the 19 other blogs that have been selected!

New You

Oh hey, it's January! You know what that means... it's back to business, refreshed, restored and at the start of a new year. Last week we had all the hopes and dreams of the beginning of a new year, but now? Now it's time to put all those dreams to work. How to keep your resolutions, whether it's saving extra cash or being bolder with your style, taking better care of yourself, or heck, maybe it's time to give your blog that makeover you've been putting off. This week's roundup is all about the shake up that is the start of 2014. So get your green tea (in case one of your resolutions was to give up coffee) and read these wonderful links!

Links à la Mode: January 9th

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