They said Orange is the New Black. I am not the one who says so, it's the title of a TV show. And yes, indeed, orange is cool (just like this show). No not cool, invigorating I would say. A colour full of vitamins, giving you a happy face. The proof is that today I am wearing a COS oversized tee-shirt and I am feeling fine. I feel that I am not as pale and sad as this morning when I woke up. Usually, I wear this tee-shirt during Summer (ok, I have to admit that I wear my clothes several times... sorry to dispel this myth...) but after all, why wearing orange only when the sun is shining? This colour is good for the mood and has the same name as a fruit: you know this kind of food you were used to eat a few weeks ago before the turkey, the fois gras, the petits fours and the chocolates? We have several orange pieces in our wardrobe, all have been made by British designers: Shaun Samson or Kit Neale. We can also remember the AW13 TOPMAN DESIGN collection full of all the shades of orange that certainly made all the trappers from all over the world (well, and those especially from Canada) happy. British have a nose for making a fashion that creates an envy. The envy of being seen and being identified as someone who is not like all the others. And this sensation is the best you can feel! So now, you know that Italians (and in particular Valentino) do not have the monopoly of the orange on the clothes or on their faces...
The colour orange creates the envy and the cover of Grace: A Memoir, the autobiography of Grace Coddington completely goes in that way. Everything in this book gives us an envy, an envy to know everything about Fashion, about the photoshoots she supervised, about the people she met and worked with. This book is even more fascinating than the documentary The September Issue because here, you get to know the little stories of fashion History: the Swinging London when Grace Codington was a model, the shootings orchestrated by the most legendary photographers: Irving Penn, Helmut Newton, Guy Bourdin, David Bailey, Annie Leibovitz or Norman Parkinson. Her life is a movie with the most spectacular casting you have ever seen! She tells us about the arrival of Anna Wintour at Vogue US (and the fact is that she is pretty nice in reality! perhaps nice is not the right word but she is not the devil we can imagine), the arrival of the new technologies, of the social networks, of the bloggers in the Fashion sphere and, the turmoil it has produced. The "starification" of the fashion designers, the extreme and sometimes exaggerated effervescence of the fashion shows, all these things that make fashion the most ruthless but fascinating kingdom. 

Do I give you the envy to read this book if you haven't yet? Yes, once again, this word ENVY. The envy to "domesticate" Fashion, to enter its world, to learn its rules, to work with its protagonists. The envy to go on writing about them and about the incredible things they make. And this envy is just reawakened thanks to a book with an orange cover written by a legend with flamboyant orange hair.

Portrait by Donald Robertson

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