Who run the world? Girls! Beyoncé's song giving rythm to the steps of the models at the end of Topshop Unique AW14 show sums up quite well our feelings after this really really cool collection! All the It Models of the season are here (Malaika Firth, Sam Rollinson, Juliana Schurig opening the show, Binx Walton, Betty Adewole...) to feature an effortlessly chic, impressively self-confident collection asserting that Girls won't be afraid to be what they will be next Autumn! They are wearing mini skirts with or without longer sheer underskirts, belted loose fuzzy coats, sexy puffy jackets (Lord knows how hard it is for a puffy jacket to be sexy!), sheer skirts styled with utilitarian tops giving very urban yet absolutely feminine silhouette. We particularly love the puffy shorts worn with high boots (a look we are not usually fond of), a mohair sleeveless jumper and a white shirt completely turning this look of wise schoolgirl into a much sexier creature (and the same goes with the not so wise pinafore dresses). The touches of yellow, brown and ocre (with some snakeskin prints here and there) add a very elegant and timeless side to this collection especially in the very 70s leather skirts and jackets as if Lauren Hutton could have totally worn them back in the days! The impression of this 70s style and somehow opulence is reinforced thanks to the introduction of deeper colours such as red, green and burgundy in some furry pieces for instance. These powerful silhouettes are the perfect transition toward the last part of the collection: a much darker and utterly sexy chic part featuring sheer and embroidered tops styled with pants or long skirts and concluding in the most beautiful way a collection full of attitude and self-confidence where the designers of Topshop Unique seem to tell us that appearances can be deceptive and that we should not judge a book by its cover. There is always a dormant volcano deep into every wise girl and we are pretty sure that the frow composed of ultimate fashionistas such as Kate Moss (and her sister Lottie), Susie Lau or Poppy Delevingne won't tell the contrary!

The backstage pictures come from TOPSHOP Twitter and the runway ones can be found on Style.com

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