Springtime is this time of the year when everything seems possible. When after the sadness, the boredom and the dullness triggered by an often too long, too cold, too wet Winter, you can at last show some skin and think about staying outside a little bit longer. Days are getting longer, clothes are getting shorter and Nature reawakens. But I am not here to talk about biology or what is the usual course of the seasons. Yes, and this is not a surprise, during Springtime, Nature flourishes again after these long months of hibernation, grass is getting greener, leaves start to show up and flowers are hustling to be the nicest, the most colourful and the most fragrant. Just like Fashionistas in a way! Who will be the most photographed and shared on fashion blogs/websites? 
Well, I have to admit something right now. Nature and I are not really good friends or more exactly, I am not a really good friend of Nature... I am not a huge fan of flowers and their friends also known as the insects. As far as I'm concerned, Nature = Stress.

From Garden Party [it is not obvious on this pic but at that moment, I was panicking]
From Garden Party [Yann was much more relaxed and cool]
Yet and while Winter is still far from being over, far from having offered us all his numerous gifts (snow, ice and the Bambi-style falls...), I am already dreaming of Spring. Me want Flowers! Me want Green! Me want Plants! Or at least on my clothes! Here we are! I know you were starting to wonder "Is this a fashion Blog or a f***ing blog about nature and how to maintain your bloody garden!?". So as I was saying, I want nature on my clothes! I want to wear (CAUTION: the following part is just a dream and nothing but a dream) Dries Van Noten and his tapestry flowers, I want to "adopt" the tropical easy attitude of Phillip Lim and above all, I want to study vegetal biology with Christopher Kane and his masterpiece (let it be clear: his whole SS14 collection was a masterpiece and we have already talked about it here) sweater to celebrate with great pomp and ceremony Le Sacre du Printemps! Wouldn't it be the best way to enter this season of renewal? Of Renascimiento? Some wants to reincarnate into cats, kings or movie stars, I (We) want to be reborn in Christopher Kane! What? This sweater is meant for women? Since when has it been an obstacle? And you should know that must haves are always and will always be unisex!

3.1 Phillip Lim SS14

Dries Van Noten SS14

Christopher Kane SS14
Today has been a particularly mild and sunny day (Ok, after the little walk I made with Yann, the colour of my face was closer to that of an Inuit after an intense seal hunting than that of a jetsetter after an intense day of farniente on a St Barths beach) for a beginning of February and while I was walking, I thought about future "photoshoots" in the middle of Nature (not in the rainforest but rather in a park or a public garden). Just like in this shooting called Garden Party we made at the beginning of our blog. The sun was shining, there were huge trees, beautiful flowers and scarecrows. What else could we ask for? In fact, there are some good things about Nature. It is cool to take our pictures in the city before walls covered with graffitis but a little greenery has never killed anybody (if someone told me I would say that one day!).

From Garden Party
From Garden Party
London, Spring 2013
London, Spring 2013
So, just like a kid waiting for Christmas, let's wait eagerly for Springtime to interfere (while remaining vigilant) with Nature again and to include some vegetal elements, some green background in our looks of the day. It will certainly start with our next trip to London in the first days of the new season because, after all, it would be a pity not to enjoy all its wonderful parks! And who knows, maybe we will be wearing a Christopher Kane flower-printed sweater in the right middle of Hyde Park? Ok, I'm being wishful thinking but if I'm not, who will be for me?


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