After watching the new Dr Martens campaign #STANDFORSOMETHING, we wonder what we stand for. We stand for being creative, groundbreaking, having our own voice, always trying to talk about new talents that have caught our attention. There is no other way to introduce the start of fashion weeks with the one to watch talent of the week: Kathleen Kye who is the creative designer of Kye.
A small collection of only twenty-three looks, but these are the ones to remember, the clothes you certainly want to wear, the colours and the prints you will be inspired by, desperately hoping to find a translated version on high street retailers. What high street market will not succeed to copy is the attitude, the atmosphere and the emotion of Kathleen Kye AW14 collection, her street language she has delivered is impossible to emulate. Kye has succeeded in capturing this unique street attitude and also a kind of both boldness and coolness that is part of being young.
As far as we are concerned a tracksuit will never ever be sexy or daring for us. Kye has designed the sexiest tracksuit ever and it is very difficult to modernise a chap's wardrobe. Kye's tracksuit is more sophisticated, definitely a modern uniform with this abstract print. The cable knit print which is a key pattern of the collection is embossed on furry tops and sweaters, printed on a t-shirt, a sweater and pants, all these are absolutely fabulous! 
We stand for a lot of things, but at this moment we stand for Kathleen Kye!

The runway pictures come from Kye's facebook page and the backstage pictures from Fucking Young! website.

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  1. Such an inspiring collection! Outfit number 3&4 give me lovestruck! Those cable knit prints are indeed very innovative.