This weekend, we went to Ebony Bones gig as we were going to a Sunday church mass. She was a kind of voodoo prietress, literally gathering all her believers' energy to help her sing. There was a real exchange between the band and the audience, dragging us to the sound of their dancing beats, making us dance, shout, scream, jump to the left and to the right, in the front and in the back. Miss Bones wanted to share more than energy, but giving us her magic power, transforming us into some modern warriors: "march march...whoa like warrior!" We were honoured when she got off the stage, singing and dancing with us. It was a viral moment when  she came next to me and we sung together. It was more than screams coming out of my mouth: "we know all about you, yes we do!".  The playlist mixed both Behold, a Pale Horse and Bone of My bones for the greater good. It was a dancing manifesto as we can't help dancing. What's striking is that her aesthetic moves from a tribal warrior to a furry galore goddess. We didn't expect her going on stage with her white hairy furry long dress that reminded us of Charlie Le Mindu's ethos. There were also her stunning white voodoo prietress dress and the irreverent black vinyl dress. We are not surprised at Miss Bones being a fashion killer, especially her love for avant-garde and extravagant outfits. It was a pleasure both for our eyes and ears. Miss Bones's message was clear, freeing from our trivial life just for almost one hour, carrying us to her fantasy world.  We just want to tell you thank you very much Miss Bones!

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