Sweet, sexy and broken, all are the best adjectives to qualify Kelis's voice, her unique signature. She has made a long journey since her irreverant debut, from Kaleidoscope to Wanderland, two avant-garde albums that impressed us and shook up RnB. She's no longer the rebel girl from Harlem, but a woman who has always had the guts to do what she thinks is best for her carreer, taking the risks to make Flesh Tone which was far from her. It was like going off the beaten tracks, starting all over again. She is definitely afraid of nothing. This album was not a commercial success, but she proved to the world that she could do it. Her next album Food is a new adventure, working with the independent label Ninja Tune. She is going back to the 60's RnB roots with her two singles Jerk Ribs and Rumble, bringing her unique touch. This album will be available on April the 21st. It is all about Soul food so you can listen it to excess!

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