Remakes and reboots of movies are à la mode. Perhaps a little bit too much? We are not sure that all these movies are vital but this is not our point here. Dear producers, if there was only one movie you would have to remake, it is Les Parapluies De Cherbourg because we have found the perfect wardrobe for the one who will replace Catherine Deneuve. She must wear Miu Miu AW14! In fact, there is no urgent need to remake this movie but this new collection by Miuccia Prada would be so fitted that this idea of remake becomes instantaneously obvious. Moreover, everybody knows Miuccia's attraction for cinema and her latest collection for Prada is another example since she found her inspiration in Rainer Werner Fassbinder's filmography.


In this collection, instead of proposing classical bias cut dresses, Miuccia Prada focuses on coats, some sophisticated, some less but they become the main elements, the clothes terminating the silhouette, giving it its identity. There are a lot of fun and cool propositions regarding the outerwear and we are sure that it will be a hard time for fashionistas to choose the right piece. Padded jackets, macs, parkas, oilskins, furry coats, brocade jackets. Make your choice! Of course, Miuccia Prada doesn't stop here and she goes even further (she is Miuccia after all!) by mixing the classical cut of raincoats with such fabrics as Astrakhan or by turning a mac into transparent and highly desirable nylon raincoats. The designer is not afraid of working luxury fabrics with everyday ones. She gives sophistication to materials or garments that cruelly lack of it. What is more trivial than a padded jacket? Or than wellington boots? She transcends everyday life things into something luxury, avant-garde and sexy. Quite a tour de force! Miuccia Prada gives a second life to these elements by transcending their mere use or definition thanks to the addition of feminine touches through the cupcake colours or the materials (fur, brocade...). In every silhouette, there is a twist. The girly dresses are padded. The shoes are made of nylon and the top of them reminds us of the heavy raincoats used by sailors. The more feminine stilettos have a very industrial, raw heel made of bolts. The top of the sexy dresses is made of nylon. Each silhouette has at least one piece inevitably leading us to a maritime lexicon and making us wish for never-ending wet days.

Once again, Miuccia Prada gives a new vision of the Miu Miu girl. There is no pre-established speeches or pre-conceived ideas of what she must be. Season after season, she puts herself at risk as if each time, a hurricane had destroyed her whole studio and she had to start from scratch again and again. Of course, there are codes and ethos at Miu Miu but they are not put forward again and again. With this AW14 collection, the designer tells us that boring lifestyle is something completely unknown to her and makes us wish for rain. And this simple fact shows how gifted she is!

The runway and details pictures come from Style.com

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