It seems that it is a good period for W.A.R.M. on the Independent Fashion Bloggers! Indeed, once again, we have been selected for their weekly Links A La Mode among 19 other bloggers who also submitted one of their latest posts. This time, we chose Prada Got Trash, our post about the AW14 Prada collection, to represent us and it seems that at IFB they liked it! So, if you want to discover 19 other blogs and if you haven't read our Prada post yet, high time to catch up!

Wouldn't you know it?

Did you know there (at least) SEVEN kinds of mascara? As someone who lives off of mascara, my mind was blown. Finding the perfect mascara has been a bit like the quest for El Dorado. You know, because a girl has her priorities. Did you also know that if you buy something at certain stores and it goes on sale within a few weeks, they'll refund the difference? I had no clue! This week with fashion month in it's home stretch and Spring on the verge springing we have all kinds of tips and tricks for you to add to your arsenal of fashion goodness. You'll be a total fashion braniac before you finish out the links!

Links à la Mode: February 27th

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