Fashion Week is over (good bye Fashion and thank you for being so desirable!) and it seems that the articles we wrote about it were very well received since it's been several weeks now that we are featured by the Independent Fashion Bloggers in their weekly Links A La Mode! This week is no exception so if you haven't read our post about the Japanese designers in Paris yet, it seems as the perfect moment! And if you want to discover the other blogs that have been selected by IFB, you'll find the links above!

Classic Frock

In the era of outrageous fashion, peacocking, street style bait, whatever, could it be people are revolting? Sliding back into the classics? Oscar night, the men took more chances than the ladies, and fashion month is buttoning up more than rocking out. It's quite the story that's trending though fashion these days, and the links this week? We're taking a look at Iconic style so you can stay in the know about the latest (non) trends. If worse comes to worse, at least you'll have classic pieces that can last a life time.

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup

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