It is always the same! At the end of our stay in London we have mixed feelings of "cool we have made all the things we planned" but at the same time "please give us a few more days, there are so many things we didn't make!". A weird sensation reinforced by the fact that day after day, we realize that even in the districts we seem to know, there are so many things that remain to be seen! As if the city was evolving day after day, recklessly. So yesterday, we tried to do as many things as we could! Brick Lane, the Tate Modern, Oxford Street, Carnaby Street, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus. It was a constant jump between Past with visits to vintage shops such as The Blitz or antiques market and Future with exciting projects for this blog (we gathered our courage to ask people to do streetstyles... stay tuned they are coming!) and our desire stronger and stronger to live in this city because we know that our life is here.

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