"Let's take a long walk, around the park"...singing Jil Scott, but here it was a long walk around the city of London. It was a pleasure for the eyes as we were surrounded by all these beautiful places, walking up on the top of London: Primrose Hill, and getting down to the Regent's Park which is so beautiful in this beginning of the blooming season. Spring was definitely in the air!
Yesterday it was the No-Shopping Day (also known as the For Your Eyes Only Day) because sometimes it's good to go back to simple things like strolling in a park or visiting an exhibition. So, that's what we did as we went to the National Portrait Gallery for Bailey's Stardust, a huge retrospective of the work of this British genius who excels both in the celebrity portraits and in the representation of unknown people but with a unique goal, the depiction of an era (for instance, the Swinging London with all his glitter and darker parts). This exhibition is definitely worth seeing if you want to have an overview of the work of this British legend (we particularly love all his pictures of the Rolling Stones and Marianne Faithfull). Unfortunately as you can imagine, we were not allowed to take pictures during the visit but after all, taking photographs of photographs is rather boring no?

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