Raf Simons SS14 produces a serious addiction. The whole collection really haunts us. During our trip to London, we bumped into these long neoprene like dresses/t-shirts, increasing our great affliction. Simons's creations have the power to seduce you, to confuse you and make you fall under their charms. From Dover Street Market, Selfridges and Opening Ceremony, it was difficult to avoid the Simons's corners, having a glimpse, touching the fabric and whispering the OMFGs and the WOWs, wondering how it would match with our wardrobe. 

This collection gathers Simons's own obsessions i.e his love for art, design, pop culture and colour. One of the dress/t-shirt says a lot about Simons's manifesto, expressing like an advertisement motto simply printed the word "new silhouette". It's all about the right proportions which are the balance between the knee length and the ankle one. But who are the right silhouettes for? Boys? Girls? Women? Men? It is more than ever about designing for both sexes. We are seduced by the idea of wearing a polo dress, a short dungaree or high waisted shorts, but these are not made for men. It is irreverent, sexy and insane for men/boys and it appears to be  boyish and sophisticated clothes for women/girls. That's the feeling we get. Simons does what he does without thinking whether it will appeal to boys or girls and men or women, even if he is aware of women and girls being part of his worshippers. The attractiveness for Simons's clothes & accessories is embodied in the collection in the form of mottos. Simons played with people's addiction to his own products like Warhol did with people's attraction to celebrities or favourite goods (Campbell's soup, Coca-Cola...). It is brilliant how Warhol plays with fashion and art. It was so avant-garde and it has inspired other designers such as Marky Marc Jacobs who embroidered Coca-Cola motif on a cashmere sweater or Kaiser Karl who did a supermarket setting for his latest Chanel collection. "Clusters, Yo-Ga, Super Nylon, This Is The New Shape, Artificially Flavours, So Good And So Many!, Wet and Wild" all are just statement mottoes for us. More than hyper-realistic slogans Simons adds abstract embroideries of patterns and flowers displayed on jersey t-shirts. It is like couture t-shirts that will require a large investment, being part of the "price in request" goods. But the slogan tees are more affordable, obviously demanding both a certain amount of money and a deep thinking. You also have to consider the collab with Adidas and the python printed wallets. It is just a nightmare! Yet, time of reflection is not any longer on the agenda because we are seriously considering the idea of getting one slogan t-shirt. Simons has made us fashion victims in a sense that we have been trapped by his ad t-shirts. These slogans or statements are just sweet music to our ears because we are human after all. 

The Gif Image can be found on DazedDigital
The pictures come from Farfetch, Oki-ni, Storm, Raf Simons.com or The Corner

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