We all have a Kate Moss memory. It's a fact, we all do. Whether we like her or not, we all remember something about her. Her first shootings with Corinne Day. Her iconic ads for Calvin Klein feat. Marky Marc. Her surprise appearances on the Louis Vuitton catwalks. Each time an event. Or maybe you remember the scandalous couple she used to form with Pete Doherty, her walking in the mud at Glastonbury, the particular way she pronounces "Get the London Look" in the Rimmel ads or the Ziggy Stardust like Vogue cover? She is part of modern history just like The Beatles, Madonna, Barack Obama or Lady Di. She is always here even if we do not see her that much and if she does not want to be interviewed. There is such an intriguing sense of mystery surrounding Kate Moss and that makes her completely unique. This month, for the 35th time, she is the cover girl of British Vogue and that's quite funny to see who, at the same time, is featured on the cover of Vogue on the other side of the Atlantic: the antithesis of Kate Moss, the person who needs to be talked about all the time, whose existence is bound to gossips, cameras and instagram. But we are not here to talk about her (naming her would be useless), this parallel was just funny enough to be drawn...

Kate Moss wearing her Topshop collection for British Vogue
I have to admit that as far as I am concerned, a few years ago, I was not a big fan of Kate Moss. I could not find what was so particular about her but as time went by, I got to realize how iconic this woman is and how troubling she can be. I could find a thousand words to describe her and at the same time, it would be so hard to use only one adjective to qualify her. One thing for sure, she is true to her style and this way of wearing clothes, mixing pieces, making fashion her own is once again unique. Maybe this is the adjective I would use: unique. She doesn't change, she just evolves faithful to her aesthetics; a perfect blend of Rockn'Roll and Boho Chic as if she had invented the Isabel Marant girl ( who is a pale copy of Kate Moss if you look carefully...). This style is often copied but never matched, only her has the keys, the codes, the Look! She is an institution, the Royal Majesty of Fashion, an immovable statue who makes Britishness shine all over the world.

The Kate Moss Book - Rizzoli
So it is not a surprise if she decided to collab again with another British institution, an amazing window for British Fashion: Topshop. The most desirable store for girls (and some boys too). Another Kate Moss memory: do you remember when she stroke the pose in the Topshop windows back in 2007 to launch her first collection for the giant retailer? Another indelible image for us and another huge success for the British model. The whole collection sold out in one day. Highly understandable when you consider that this collection was inspired by Kate Moss's wardrobe, by what she loved to wear. Every girl/woman wants to have something designed by her. Her style is wide enough to speak to a lot of women. The Rock side can be adopted by girls in their twenties and the Boho one can be adopted by women in their thirties & forties.
Kate Moss x Topshop - 2007
This new collection will be undeniably a hit as it features what we all love in Kate Moss: Effortless Chic, a sense of elegance that seems so innate that it cannot be discussed. It seems perfect for the girls who will attend music festivals this Summer with the use of fringes, feathers or such fabric as suede but the girl who wants to go out on a Friday evening, looking super glamourous and sexy, will also find garments for such an occasion thanks to leather pieces or sequined clothes. With this collection, Kate Moss could definitely sing "I'm Every Woman, It's All In Me"!

Here are some of the looks you could purchase on April 30th. The rest of the collection can be seen on the British Vogue website.

Freja Beha Erichsen wearing Kate Moss x Topshop

So, get ready for April 30th and above all, prepare your boxing gloves, we bet the fight for this Kate Moss collab will be wild! Good Luck!

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