Phoebe Philo is the woman  who made Céline a big name in Fashion, being on everyone's lips, one of the most exciting luxury houses, the absolute idea of modernity. Before her appointment by LVMH, there were values at Céline, but nothing was really standing out, nothing was strong in the aesthetics. Philo stopped the creating process for one season when she arrrived, she took time to think, to debate, to question what would be the values and then she started editing and creating  with her design team established in London, close to her family. Being able to enjoy her motherhood in London was obviously written down on her agreement as the complete control on every area of the house. The collaboration with Céline would not exist if she couldn't do what she cares about so much. According to the interview she gave to Alexandra Schulman during the 2014 Vogue Festival she pointed out she does things she's passionate about, things that have to be good, things suggesting a message. Fashion is definitely her religion as it has always been inside her and it has to come out in terms of investment pieces, expensive clothes in the most beautiful fabrics in the world selected by experts, explaining why Céline costs a thing. Céline embodies a unique idea of beauty as Philo thinks that women should feel good and not be sexualized : "Dress for yourself, don't dress for other people. Beauty as to be pretty realistic as anybody can be seductive and sexy".

Philo always relates on her instincts, having somehow too many ideas, sometimes a "let's go things" way in the process of creating, having room for debating a concept with her design team, having good and bad ideas. It was a brilliant idea the use of the low and the profane Fall Winter 2013 Tati print transformed into a stunning jacquard letting us speechless. It was provocation, bold and somehow perverse. It was a viral moment, a collection to remember as every season presentation is a takeover event. The trivial print re-edited by Tati for Spring in a slip-on skate, a shopper and a shirt. It's quite funny that Tati makes the Barbes print its own, but Philo makes it very daring as we have rushed to the Tati's online shop to grab some very low price products. Philo said about the copies that are quite flattering because as CoCo Chanel used to say: "as long as you are copied you are relevant."

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  1. The fabric in the last few photos is actually really popular in my country (Ghana) It is a bag that is know to be used by people who cannot afford expensive traveling bag lol. So I giggle every time I see this sort of fabric. :)

    Maggie A