Petit Bateau's legacy is obviously the marinière which is a timeless knit striped piece inspired by French navy seamen's uniform dating back to 1858. The uniform had originally 21 stripes as each represented one of Napoleon's victories. Coco Chanel made it one element of her language and Jean Paul Gaultier his signature. The collaboration with the Finnish designer who won the Grand Prix of the jury Première Vision at the international Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères in 2013 is going to bring the marinière into her own aesthetics that has a strong relation with Nature. Satu Maaranen says she mixed Nature with something you couldn't expect, something playful and experimental. These adjectives brought her to be selected at Hyères and win the festival. This is what you can feel when thinking of her work with Petit Bateau which is going to be unique. The iconic knit striped is updated in abstract brushed stripes like a painter does on canvas. Maaranen also tried to keep the identity of the marinière as people could still think of it at the end. This collaboration with a contemporary designer is not the first attempt as there was Tsumori Chisato, Kitsuné Maison, Carven and now it's time for Maaranen to tell her own story.

You can shop exclusively one of the marinières by Satu Maaranen here. There's only 50 available so don't think too much!

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