There was a time, when you thought about Fairy Tales, it was Cinderella meeting her good-looking Prince Charming, marrying him ang having loads of kids that came to your mind. Or it was the ugly and full of warts toad who thanks to a friendly Fairy Godmother turns into a handsome Prince who seems to come from the Young and the Restless. But sorry, to disappoint you, this kind of fairy tales belongs to the past, too insipid and dejà-vu for the common run of people... 

Now if you think about Cinderella, you have to think about Miss K. marrying Mr W. (too hard to write their complete names) in front of hundreds of cameras and photographers and before a family who is more interested by dollars than by the feeling of love. I know that we have to keep up with the times but it seems that nowadays, we have to keep up with the Kardashians first... And what about this ugly toad? Now he desperately tries to look like Ryan Gosling thanks to injections of botox or any other renovation changes. Is it the way things must go? Fairy Tales are no longer tales and fairies left this mess a long time ago. I really don't want to play the soured old man but this kind of stories stopped making little kids dream.

- Does Snow White have an Instagram Account?
- No.
- Twitter? 
- No.
- Don't tell me she still has a Facebook page? So has been...
- Not exactly... She is a Princess from fairy tales you know.
- Sorry. I don't know her. Have you seen this latest picture of K.K with the elephant? So insane!

This is the sad truth my friends. R.I.P Snow White. 

In her foreword of the latest issue of CR Fashion Book dedicated to Fairy Tales, Carine Roitfeld writes that "they teach us to dream" and "push the limits of our imagination". As far as we are concerned, this definition suits Fashion perfectly. Here, at We Are Ready Made, fashion takes us to another world, far from reality yet completely anchored into it and opens our eyes to a land of endless possibilities. We are challenged by Fashion to always push our dreams and fantasies further, to avoid taking for granted the trends that are popular for a season and to express our own personalities. In every fairy tale, there is always a magician, a wizard or someone with a magic wand who is able to turn the trivial into something extraordinary (a pumpkin into a coach for instance), in Fashion, they exist too. Christopher Kane, Simone Rocha or Raf Simons are the wizards, the fairy godmothers of our times, they are able to transcend the most common fabrics (plastic, nylon...) into the most gorgeous clothes. Thanks to them, we can fulfill our craziest dreams. What is the use of dreaming of stars or celebrities who could sell their their souls to the Devil for extra minutes of stardom or for extra dollars on their bank account? Fashion makes us travel further and higher with technical achievements or ideas that we would never have or imagine! A few days ago, we visited both the Dries Van Noten exhibition at Musée des Arts Décoratifs (an article about it is coming soon) and the one about Proenza Schouler at Le Bon Marché (article here) and we were completely carried away, we dreamt, we fantasized, it was incredible! Once again, something happened, a feeling of admiration with no bounds, of solemnity, of respect in front of these masterpieces. That day, we can say we were living a fairy tale, we were deep inside another world much more beautiful than the real one. This is our vision of fairy tale, our definition and fashion has this power to make our craziest dreams come true, to arouse our greatest expectations, to excite our weirdest interests. These exhibitions, these fashion shows we can see live on the internet (before, one day being invited to them, let's cross our fingers), these photographs we can see in fashion magazines do not cost a thing (or just the price of the magazine or of the exhibition ticket) but take us into another galaxy, into another dimension, give us chills and this is our own Disneyland. So trust us, fairy tales are still alive!

Dries Van Noten exhibition (more pics coming soon)

Proenza Schouler exhibition (more pics here)

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