Working with Jump From Paper in 2013 was one of the highlights of our year (the feedbacks on the blog were so good!), being lucky enough to collaborate with such a cool brand is one of the reasons why we love being bloggers! Not for the gifts even if it is always a pleasure & an honour (and Christmas in May is a delicious feeling!) but because they are giving us this great opportunity to combine two worlds (theirs & ours) and make them our own.
So you can imagine how happy we were when the Jump From Paper team contacted us once again to extend this collaboration! It matched the second anniversary of We Are Ready Made, it was a sign so of course, we said YES! We don't know many brands as "transgenerational" as Jump From Paper. Kids love our bags, our sisters & brothers too and we don't even mention Charles's mother who look at our bags with puppy-dog eyes. For us, that's the definition of a brand: being able to speak to everybody, no matter how old they are or where they are from.
Our choice went for these two IN-CRE-DI-BLE backpacks: the Wanderlust (the green one) & the Spaceman (the red one) which are perfect for struggling with this urban jungle we live in or more simply, for a season of music festivals, of chilling in parks and visiting far away places. 

On the left: the WANDERLUST backpack; On the right: the SPACEMAN Backpack


Our motto here at We Are Ready Made is "Like It Or Not We Do Not Care" something quite similar to the Jump From Paper "I Give Myself Permission To Be Me", so in a way, this collaboration seems quite natural. Indeed, the world we all live in doesn't give a large space to those who want to be different from the others, to those who decided to avoid a kind of robot way of life and you have to fight for this freedom of expression everyday! We are trying to put into practice this need for being ourselves in all our articles & outfits so being able to work with Jump From Paper and to feature their bags on our blog is something meaning a lot to us.
Here is a look at their 2014 lookbook featuring new shapes, fun colours and always this unique and cool state of mind (and a very cute One-Way Ticket bag!). After all, life is boring enough so let's have fun, let's smile & laugh. In other words, let's be alive!

To celebrate our second Anniversary, the Jump From Paper team has created a special code for you dear Readers! So if you want to jump into that crazy world of cartoon, if you want to own one (or more) of these amazing bags, use this code to get a cool discount! But be quick, you have until next Thursday to use it and thus to become part of the Jump From Paper club!

Thank you to Sylvia Tzeng & the Jump From Paper Team for being so nice & cool and, thanks to Asmae for her pictures!

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  1. WOW, how is that even real?! SO dope. Love it.