M.I.A has been on war since her first album Arular and her lyrics are like weapons. Her fourth album Matangi is another illustration of the power of her speech. This album is a new manifesto finding its inspiration from the Hindu Goddess Matangi and the concept of Karma. The album embodies the idea of people wasting their time and lives doing things that do not matter instead of bringing the noise to something really interesting, something to stand for and something that deserves to be done. Obviously the world is full of things worth fighting for. It's not a desperate strike, but as she says it takes a muscle to fall in love, people should all use their muscles to make peace! This album is composed of guerilla songs representing the "world town" as referred in not only Hindu tribal rhythms, but also in Reggae, Hip-Hop, Techno, Punk, Rock and all this mix and match of samples is Matangi. It's bold, irreverent sometimes a bit provocative as her Double Bubble Trouble video forbidden by her label. No matter how controversial M.I.A can be, the world needs more artists like her.

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