Can you hear it? Because we can! Come on, close your eyes and let the music play. Now we are sure you can here this imperial walk beating to the steps of a dark, dark character. A bad bad guy but in fact not so bad. Keep your eyes closed and now prick up your ears: we are sure you can hear an asthmatic breath implying both sufferings and threats. Do we really have to name this character now? You must be prepared dear readers, the Star Wars madness is coming! Actually, it has already begun with the casting announcement for the next trilogy of this legendary franchise a few days ago. If you look even further, a few months ago, you could see that this Star Wars fever also invaded the runways during the latest Fashion Week for Autumn Winter 14 as if some designers wanted to be part of this history. After all, it is perhaps the best way to make people talk about your collection and to have your clothes invading Instagram.

The Mulleavy sisters at Rodarte took a point of view directly inspired by their childhood memories. The whole collection has a very 70s spirit (departing from the 90s rather gangsta SS14 collection): it has glitter with the lurex pieces (in the dresses,berets and shawls), complex drapes and in the colour palette that has something kitsch (different shades of brown, purple, beige, orange or ocre) just like in the pictures you can see in your family albums: something a bit old fashioned. On the other hand, this obsolete side is counterbalanced by a mastered and sharp mix of casual and chic. All the Rodarte looks are sophisticated and very rich in propositions. There is a  kind of bohemian chic, surely inspired by their childhood spent in California in the light and evanescent dresses or in the high-waisted pants. And some silhouettes have a heavy cinema-inspired touch: here inspired by such Woody Allen's movies as Manhattan or Annie Hall (you can completely imagine Diane Keaton wearing the combination: high-waisted pants + turtlenecks + sleeveless long jackets) there coming from Tootsie or Kramer vs Kramer. The climax being of course, the Star Wars dresses, a new proposition of highly editorial red carpet dresses with emblematic characters such as C3PO, Yoda, Luke Skywalker. Thus, Kirsten Dunst (a faithful follower of the Mulleavy sisters) chose to wear the desirable Death Star dress at the Met Ball. The potential is huge and we are not done from seeing these dresses at some events or in magazines. Be prepared Young Padawans!

Backstage pictures are from DazedDigital and runway pictures are from Style.com

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