Egyptians were so true when they made cats their favourite animals and almost deities. So true and so visionary too! They undoubtedly knew that a few millenniums later, cats would be so in that it would almost seen as a faux pas not to love this furry (or not) and so damn lovable creatures! Fashion made no mistakes when a few years earlier, cats invaded catwalks (is it really a coincidence that this is called a catwalk?), clothes, accessories and designers' minds. Cats are now everywhere to be found and this trend is not to displease us here at We Are Ready Made. 

Karen Elson by Steven Meisel for Vogue US  August 2008

The very first cat fashion moment we can remember was the Miu Miu collection for Spring Summer 2010. A very youthful but not so innocent collection full of naive prints such as sparrows, dogs, some male nudes and of course, cats! Elegant and slender cats on shirts, trousers, collars, shoes, bags or on some highly desirable large brooches. Miuccia Prada loves to design clothes that have a dual interpretation: feminine but strong, wise but perverse, ugly but chic so the image of the cat in this collection is not surprising at all. Cats are the perfect image of this duality: kind but unpredictable, cute but mean, lonely but affectionate. Cats are double-face mirrors you have to tame just like Miuccia Prada's clothes.

A Detail from the Miu Miu SS10 Collection [via Style.com]
The Miu Miu SS10 Cat Print

Lindsey Wixson for the Miu Miu SS10 Ad Campaign

Miuccia Prada and her label Miu Miu did the cat print again in their Spring Summer 14 Collection but this time with a more psychedelic approach and the result is once again totally exciting and on everybody's lips! A wallpaper print for a good girl gone bad collection full of innocence (the shapes of the collection, the pastel colours, the styling) and perversity (the insane shoes, the black and red pieces, the vinyl skirts...).

Miu Miu SS14
Miu Miu SS14

Miuccia Prada is not the only woman in Fashion who seems to be inflatuated with our feline fellows and her attitude is "soft" compared to Grace Coddington, the Cat Lady, the Good Witch. In her autobiography, Grace, she begins the chapter about her passion for cats by writing:" Do I dream predominantly about fashion? No. I dream much more about cats." This love for cats even became subjects for fashion editorials (like the one entitled Graceful Elegance where Karen Elson by Steven Meisel is playing a larger than life Grace Coddington) or collabs such as the one with Nicolas Ghesquière when he was still at the head of Balenciaga. For this legendary fashion house, she designed a bag printed with the drawings of her cat Pumpkin.

Picture by Sebastian Kim
Graceful Elegance with Karen Elson by Steven Meisel [August 2008]

The Pumpkin Bag

Grace Coddington's cat drawings
In her book, the fashion editor of the American Vogue also writes that her cats "provide [her] with a constant source of inspiration" we can easily understand. Such artists as Baudelaire, Maupassant or Charles Perrault (with his Chat Botté a.k.a The Puss in Boots) were inspired and fascinated by this animal and its mysterious ways. A modern artist such as Karl Lagerfeld is now also influenced by it thanks to his well-known companion: Choupette. She (here the use of "it" could be seen as disrespectful) is the most famous cat (along with Grumpy Cat) and maybe the only one who had the favours of a Vogue cover (Vogue Germany, July 2013) where she was held by the übermodel Linda Evangelista. Choupette has such a persuasive power that she even inspired (or mesmerized) Karl Lagerfeld in his work for Chanel ( the FW11 ad campaign where Freja Beha Erichsen plays a kind of mischievous Catwoman) or for his eponymous label in a capsule collection that fashionistas could have fought for.

Karl Lagerfeld & Choupette
Choupette and Linda Evangelista on the cover of Vogue Germany [July 2013]

The Choupette Capsule Collection by Karl Lagerfeld
Freja Beha Erichsen styled by Carine Roitfeld in Chanel FW11 Ad Campaign 

Before Choupette Lagerfeld or Grumpy Cat, the most famous cat was undoubtedly the fat, sarcastic and greedy orange Garfield. In an attempt to reconquer this much coveted title, he is collaborating with Lazy Oaf, the London-based label specialized in cartoonish prints, for a playful and free-minded capsule collection perfect for Summer that you can shop here.

Ok, we are not Grace Coddington, Miuccia Prada or Karl Lagerfeld but we are also inspired by cats and we even have our very own muse. Here is the perfect moment to introduce him to you fellow readers: Weng Weng, our personal Choupette, far less bitchy than the original!

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