We are not gonna lie, it is not a secret yes we love Cheap Monday and of course, you already know it. We love the easiness and coolness of their clothes and their skinny jeans are our daily basis so when there is a new Cheap Monday collection going out, we cannot wait to see what will come out of the heads of the designing team. Moreover, we love their special collections which are often very interesting such as their Pre-Spring who was a street-inspired collection full of graffiti prints.

This time, the Swedish brand has released two brand new collections: one called Screens & Dreams (one of their express collections) and their Pre-Fall, Secrets & Lies. As we have already said, their skinny jeans are the basis of our uniforms, hard to imagine an outfit without a pair of Cheap Monday jeans and it is always a pleasure to add a Cheap Monday top, there is always a twist either in the print or in the shape and we are not afraid to pick what was meant to be a girl's tee-shirt in an oversized size just to satisfy our fashionisto desires! This time, there are a lot of prints to suit all tastes: flowers, crying eyes or big logos (their trademarks).

The Screen & Dreams Express collection has a dark romantic side. The print is a mix of flowers and stormy sky that would have surely appealed to the painter Turner. We particularly love the slogan tee "The last time I had a salad was never", disilusioned and funny at the same time and the so cool total look for girls (printed top + printed skirt).

There is also a dark side to the Pre-Fall, Secrets & Lies but no romanticism here. It is a rawer point of view, very 90s, "very Portland". The jeans are ripped all over and the acid-wash denim is worn in total look. The famous skull logo is enhanced with a blue tear and the traditional denim jackets are re-worked with a more grunge look (a frayed neckline and a contrasting washing out) In other words, it is the Cheap Monday savoir faire but with a little je ne sais quoi making this collection highly desirable!

You can shop these collections here on the Cheap Monday website.

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