Rihanna has been honoured by the CFDA winning the fashion icon award only because she dares to have the most provocative outfits, always revealing a part of her body. She is the only girl in the world who has succeeded in ruining a Dior investment dress, styled it, and made it the cheapest look ever. Rihanna you have to make the difference between rudeness and boldness! Last night at the CFDAs, it was all about that and it had nothing to do with attitude." No bitching" like Suzy Menkes said on her first review on Vogue.com, but let's just focus on something that strikes us. 

We don't understand why the Proenza Schouler boys have not been selected for the womenswear designer of the year ( but only for the accessories designer of the year). They deserved to be nominated just as a way to recognise their work. They have made no flop collections as the SS14 and AW14 were both viral moments. Especially the AW14 collection which is a print takeover, a great extent of their exploration of textures, fabrics and shapes. This print galore gives strength and sophistication without overwhelming the looks, even when it is composed of three different prints. Perhaps it's only three different colours for Jack and Lazaro and it's not a question of prints (their signature). No surprise that this collection is standing out, putting a happy ending to the New York fashion week, being the "talk of the town". They do what they believe in and translate what comes from their hearts. This collection has something tribal and raw because of the abstract prints that look like animal prints or animal skins. The silhouette is definitely androgynous, very boyish as Lazaro and Jack put the stress on the boxy shapes (cropped and oversized jackets and coats) and purposely create flat neo shoes which are both brogues and sandals made out of leather and brushed animal skins. It is complex, eccentric and sophisticated without being too much. This collection refers to past Proenza Schouler statement pieces. There is a new approach to the patchwork dresses and tops which is absolutely stunning, the asymetrical leather skirts are works of art and the two leather biker jackets are definitely showstopper pieces. As eccentric as this collection can be, the Proenza Schouler boys delivered a complete and realistic wardrobe for next season. There is no doubt every woman who could afford it will certainly invest in one piece. For instance, Rihanna might as well ask to borrow one of these bustier dresses which are perfect for a red-carpet. No offense Rihanna, but take it as a friendly advice!  

All these pictures come from Style.com

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  1. I completely agree with you on the Rihanna topic. Some sites are praising her for her choice but I feel that this was obviously styled for attention and not fashion. That's extra wrong because she was at the CFDA Fashion Awards for crying out loud!