The Raf Simons X Sterling Ruby collection is exclusively available at Colette, the Parisian Concept Store and most of the pieces are already sold out! Most surprisingly, the most expensive items such as the coats are the ones who were sold first. Raf Simons is experiencing the time of his life, there is such a craze around his collections! He is surfing on this wave of success and keep on being completely free artistically speaking and producing brilliant and striking collections that make us want more and more. This collab with the American artist offers radical and unique pieces electrocuting the world of Fashion.

Thanks to this collaboration with Sterling Ruby, Raf Simons goes even more far away from the usual codes of menswear by presenting his Summer rave, a show completely outside of the box. The atmosphere was one of party harders in a dark club lit by red lights with models walking in a kind of robotic way to the sound of electro. The after hours where teens meet after the usual clubs are closed and when the morning sun is showing up. Raf Simons's parents (who attended the show) must have wondered once where was their son at such a late/early hour. This collection is really about the designer's teenage years when he used to spend his time at the gabber rave parties with such friends as Olivier Rizzo or Willy Vanderperre. This collection is the illustration of Raf Simons's teenage daydream. Each and every one of his collections tells something about the designer but this particular one is even more personal (perhaps due to the fact that with this collection, he celebrates the 20th anniversary of his label). It was also a way to show people that there is a different way to present a fashion collection. The guests were standing just like in a concert where the first arrived is the one who gets the best place. No more question of "I am the most important so I get the best seat" here and a perfect way to go out of the beaten tracks.

The Party Harder Models are just modern versions of Raf Simons as a teenager but with something from the past. Indeed, some shirts had pictures of a young Simons and of his favourite movie Jaws displayed on the garments like blason pieces on uniforms (the pants and shirts were of the same colours). Their haircuts were exaggerated weirdo ones with wet and long locks on the foreheads. Contrary to the SS14 collection where the sleveless printed tops were the iconic pieces, this time it was all about the coats and jackets with backs reminding us of the traditional garment of sailors printed with details of Japanese engravings. Of course, he also had to show his sleeveless tee-shirts made of knitted jacquard and also printed with Japanese elements, a kind of tribute to the Japanese market who was the first one to acknowledge the genius of the designer.

The most obvious and commercial part of this show was the new collaboration with Adidas (no need to remind you of the huge success of their past collabs) with the colour-block sneakers that all the hardcore fans (like us) will want to own and even the leather flip flops are desirable ( and Lord knows it is hard for a flip flop to be desirable!). The Stan Smith (worn by the designer when he comes for his bow) are also addictive even if we are not huge fans of them, here in different colours, we think they will perfectly find their way through our wardrobes. 

For the moment and as the Paris Fashion Week is not over yet, it is hard for us to say that this was the best collection so far but it will remain in the annals for sure and will long haunt our minds and hearts of Raf Simons's fans.

The 1st pictures and the last one come from Dazed Digital
All the others can be found on Style.com

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