The vibrant 90's are a current inspiration for the London Collections Men (LCM) designers. The Topman Design collection SS15 looked to Brit Pop adding sophisticated flower power vibes. Emo subculture was at the heart of Christopher Shannon SS15 adding a kind of sexy and daring outfits that were very sporty. No Pop stars or subculture inspirations for the Swedish London based duo of Common composed of Saif Bakir and Emma Hedlund who have both an English study background (Saif studied menswear at London College of Fashion and Emma womenswear at Central St Martins). 

Their SS15 collection was an ode to 90's minimalism as there was the shadow of Helmut Lang behind those "whitewash" silhouettes. They talked to British GQ about their references for this collection: "to whitewash is a metaphor meaning to gloss over or to cover a scandal. For SS15 we are whitewashing our collection. A fresh start for a new season." If you are fond of plain primary colours, this collection is not for you as there is only shades of white, washed denim, black and shades of light grey that end up metallic. It is highly utilitarian tailored pieces almost in white such as a sleeveless boxy shirt, slim fit denim jeans and shorts, embossed logo neoprene like sweater, wide leg nylon like sporty shorts and a "Cmmn tu t'appelles" boxy neoprene top. Those whitest pieces have a lot of drama mixing the other colours (black and lightweight grey and metallic grey) and also with the margiela-esque washed denim pieces creating a clean and elegant collection. That's the kind of collection that makes you re-think your entire wardrobe. This whitewash manifesto was relevant in the 90's and it's sill working with this collection which embodies this metaphoric vibe, clearly futuristic with a lot of romance.

All These pictures come from the LCM website.

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