Our greatest inspiration of the moment, Raf Simons allows us to be featured once again in the weekly Links A La Mode of the Independent Fashion Bloggers. So if you haven't read our article about his latest collection for Spring Summer 2015 yet and if you want to discover the other blogs that have been selected this week, it seems like the perfect moment! Enjoy and thank you IFB & our dear Raf Simons!

Style Positive

Every day we get bombarded with conflicting messages. "Accept yourself!" then, "Do better!" OK. Do I accept myself, or do I try to be better? Ug. Who knows? Anyway, even if you're not sure which direction to go, being positive about it will make your journey a lot nicer. This week we get down to the essence of style. No, that's not your wardrobe... it's YOU. So take a deep breath, and read these posts, you'll find yourself feeling a lot better.

Links a la Mode: July 3rd

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