When you think of the Paris Haute Couture collections you can hardly talk of real clothes, but an unreachable limited wardrobe for a small group of privileged people. MBMJ (Marc By Marc Jacobs in the new era of Luella Bartley and Katie Hiller) is dedicated to a larger young audience who has a strong and unique definition of style. The MBMJ Autumn Winter 14 collections are definitely not for all considering its bold and eccentric manifesto taking its inspiration from the street subculture of hardcore racing rally meeting traditional Japanese warriors like ninjas or samurais. It's the mix of past and present which puts the brand into modernity. The trademark of the brand is to capture elements of youth subcultures, to be relevant for the next generation, to embody an idea of coolness that makes people want to buy the collections. Thanks to Bartley and Hillier, MBMJ has embraced a new direction clearly establishing a separate ethos from its big luxury sister designed by Marc Jacobs. These clothes are essential pieces made for "real people" and this spirit is to be found in the #CastMeMarc campaign  as anybody around the world could participate, no matter the colour of your skin, the colour of your hair, your weight or height. This campaign is the celebration of everyone's uniqueness just like the collections. Thanks to the LuisaViaRoma online shop some of our favourite pieces are already available (for preorder) such as the stunning ninja sneakers and the printed t-shirts. Other must-have pieces such as the skull scarf and the sleeved logo t-shirt will be on the top of our Fall wishlists. Thanks to fast-fashion availabity, those pieces have surely hit the MBMJ stores. During our trip to Paris for the weekend, we will rush to one of their stores to discover the whole collection, definitely trying and perhaps even buying something, who knows?! 

All pictures come from Luisa Via Roma.

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