It's no big news to say that Fashion loves to tell stories. Designers always imagine a whole context going with their collections as if we weren't able to imagine what lies behind the clothes by ourselves. "This season my girl is on a boat in Sicily trying to escape a dark past...", is it really necessary to get the creator's point? Not quite sure. Moreover, when ad campaigns are coming out, you get a clearer vision of what he wanted to say. Except if you are Karl Lagerfeld who stunned the Fashion world with his AW14 Chanel Collection taking place in a fantasy Supermarket and who shot the pics in a boxing gym, giving a brand new interpretation to his collection. But not everyone is Kaiser Karl so don't expect the unexpected coming out of every page of your favourite September Issues.

Just like Fashion, we love to tell you stories. Ok, we are not saying we are J.K.Rowling but we do have a certain dose of imagination! So when the power of Fashion meets our creative souls, this time you can expect the unexpected. Starting with these Chanel ads starring Cara "Too Cool" Delevingne & Binx "So Cool" Walton (along with Baptiste Giabiconi & Jarrod Scott in the backgrounds), here is a small tale of good girls going bad.

"Once upon a time two girls who had everything one could wish for: beauty, attitude and money. They met at school and shared everything starting with a devouring passion for Fashion, expensive clothes and sport. They always wore Chanel and each season, they completely renewed their wardrobes by throwing away all the pieces of the past season. The most amazing thing was that they could only practice wearing this famous brand. Always a bag in one hand or both, around the neck, on the back! They had so many bags, it was insane! Even Choupette did not own as many bags as them! One did not really know why they were always doing sport: running, stretching, lifting, doing push ups. It's a mystery and sometimes, mysteries are useful to build myths. Indeed, these girls were becoming mythical not only for their looks but also thanks to the highly desirable sneakers they wore. Everyone wanted them but unfortunately, not everyone had hundreds of dollars/euros/pounds/yens...

Pics from Chanel.com
One day, they got tired. Tired of being sporty, cool and admired. But above all, they got tired of Chanel. You may wonder "How could you get tired of Chanel?" Well, that's a good question and we do not have any answer... What they wanted was to be feared. It was time to find a brand that would suit their new ambition. Balmain seemed the good choice. Animal prints, leather, fur, chains and above all, the fiercest attitude. Girls wearing Olivier Rousteing's clothes are powerful and afraid of nothing. They made new friends who loved to chill in lascivious poses, girls you did not want to mess with. They partied night and day. Life was so sweet! In the streets, people did not dare to look at them in the eyes "Watch out!" they shouted. They were not violent at all. They were just sexy and intimidating as Hell!

Unfortunately a lethal encounter was about to disrupt this perfect harmony. Gisele, "the glass-breaker", was about to come into the girls' life and put them into trouble. Big big trouble... Gisele, was the kind of überwoman you'd love at first sight. How could you remain indifferent to this beauty, this figure, this face, this body? Impossible! She had met the girls at a Fashion party and soon after, she became their mentor, their guru, their goddess. Her specialty was breaking glass. At first sight, you could find this ludicrous but trust us, laughing at Gisele would be the worst idea you'd ever have. She loves breaking glass. All kinds of glass: mirrors, champagne glass, windows... She knew no limits and initiated her protégés to this difficult and somehow dangerous art. With her sharp heels and her impressive Balenciaga outfits, she could do what she wanted, she was protected from any injuries. At that moment, the girls' desire to be feared was completely fulfilled. They were intimidating, sexy and completely out of control. Night after night, they went out and broke all the glass they could find. A good night was a night of terror. They felt like the Powerpuff Girls. Actually, we are sure they felt more powerful than the Powerpuff Girls (while we know this is completely impossible! Isn't it?). Yet, one day, their dream of absolute power and impunity broke just like the glass they loved so much. They all got caught and arrested. All? No, of course, Gisele is still missing. Invisible. Transparent. How can the most beautiful woman in the world be transparent?

Our story ends in a rehabilitation school. The girls are trying to learn good manners again. It's hard when you lived for so long without any rules except those dictated by a kind of Black Mamba. They had to forget about Chanel, Balmain or Balenciaga. Instead, they chose a more utilitarian and less showy (even if these clothes cannot remain unnoticed) wardrobe, they chose Alexander Wang! His clothes are so useful especially the coats with all the pockets of different sizes and shapes. Useful to carry all your belongings since the other girls steal your bedroom when you are not watching. And the turtleneck jumpers, so comfy, perfect to face the cold reigning into the rooms. Life is hard here and the good old days of rebellion and malice seem so far away. This air of defiance they had upon their faces has gone for a disillusioned gaze. They are sad now but wearing Alexander Wang so we guess it's a kind of compensation!"

We don't know where these girls will be in a few months but we are sure we will hear from them next season when opening the Fashion magazines.

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