Going Away is something so great and so important to reload the batteries, to start afresh & feel reinvigorated. So when you cannot physically go away to some distant and exciting places, you can still escape thanks to Fashion and blogs. That's what these weekly Links à la Mode are all about. Berlin, Miami, Istanbul or Japan everything is here to travel and discover! We submitted our article about the latest Men's collection of Comme des Garçons to IFB this week and once again we got selected! So if you haven't read it yet, you'll find the link above along with some other cool blogs (Congrats to them!). So let's fly away, learn some stuff and forget about tomorrow!

Far & Away

August is tomorrow. For many across the globe, it's the month where you take a vacation. The last days of summer before school starts. The hottest and most miserable time in the city. The coolest and most fun time at the lake. Or best time to travel. Whether you are going far, or staying in town, you'll want to do so in style. This week's roundup has just everything you need, from travel tips to Berlin or Istanbul, and how to pack. The hottest half-trend of the summer, whether it be a half top know or a crop top. It's all here.

Links à la Mode: July 31st

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