This week, we submitted our tribute article about Carrie Bradshaw for the Independent Fashion Bloggers' Links A La Mode because if someone can really speak to the largest number of bloggers & Fashion Addicts this is the heroine of Sex And The City. By the way, the title of this week's Links A La Mode is To Trend or Not To Trend and we are pretty sure that Carrie Bradshaw is the perfect example of someone who will never go out of fashion. A genuine inspiration! 

Fancy some more inspiration? Discover and read the blogs that have been selected this week by the IFB team. Follow the links just below and enjoy! 

To Trend or Not To Trend

Just a few years ago, fashion editors were complaining about "peacocking" and the ridiculousness of street style. It seems like the pendulum is beginning to swing the other way, because now, it's all about the basics. Whether it's denim, a crisp suit, or just keeping a fresh face, it's never been so hot to not be too trendy. The non-trend-trend, or something.

Links à la Mode: August 7th

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