This week, we submitted our article about Sportlux and especially one of its masters, Astrid Andersen for the Independent Fashion Bloggers' Links A La Mode, the selection of 20 posts from 20 bloggers, all members of IFB, a great network when you want to connect and meet (even virtually) other people infatuated with this special thing you call Fashion. So if you haven't read our article yet, you can catch up now and if you feel like discovering other blogs, other worlds, other stories, the links can be found above! Enjoy!

Back to Reality

Back to school, back from vacation, back from that summer slow-down, September usually means back to business for everyone. Well, until Halloween, then we're all back in slow-down mode. Anyway... one of the great things about September, Fashion Month, paired with Fall Fashion. Your excuse to get dressed up again. For a fashion lover, that's even better than vacation.

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup

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