It won't be a surprise to you but we love LOVE. Of course, we love the feeling that could make you move mountains but here, this is not the point, above all, we love the magazine created by Katie Grand in 2009. Every January & July we wait eagerly for the brand new issue and for all the hype going with it. But as I said before, it's not a surprise for you, fellow readers as we have already written about it here, here and here! So it's time to talk a bit about the latest issue, the 12th one simply subtitled GIRL.

We love the magazines offering several covers because several covers mean the opportunity to choose, to be an active reader that proudly decides which cover to get! Perhaps it's a little far-fetched and most people take the first cover they can grab but we love to be able to decide which magazine we want to hold! It gives us more opportunities to get a magazine we will truly love from beginning to end. Let's admit it sometimes you love a fashion magazine but hate its cover, we have several examples in mind but we're not here to be bad (even if sometimes it's good to be bad...). So, this time we had the choice between the actress Amy Adams, the Angel Adriana Lima, the Icon Christy Turlington and the "newcomer" Kendall Jenner. The choice here was not really hard... Even if she is a good actress, we are not huge fans of Amy Adams (though this cover from Juergen Teller is really cool), Adriana Lima is the kind of models that bore us to the highest point and Kendall Jenner... Well Kendall Jenner remains a Kardashian in our eyes so it's hard to find her exciting. Despite the fact that she has been knighted by such fashion masters as Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld and Riccardo Tisci, we can't find her appealing or iconic. Maybe in a few seasons, we'll change our minds! Maybe not. So our obvious choice was Christy Turlington, one of the most beautiful models from the 90s and one of our favourite covergirls. We can remember the Vogue Paris cover by Patrick Demarchelier from October 2008, a perfection! Here she is shot by Inez & Vinoodh for a decadent, baroque, romantic, almost kitsch result. Beautiful!

As always in LOVE Magazine, we witness the gathering of the greatest talents of the moment! The established photographers such as Patrick Demarchelier (once again!), David Sims (the starting point of this issue according to Katie Grand:" when I started this issue, my main objective was to fulfill a dream: to work with David Sims on a personal project. David is perhaps the most honest fashion photographer of our generation"), Tim Walker (and his unique & dreamlike world) or Mario Sorrenti (whose favourite candy is pussy...) share the glossy pages with less famous but not less talented ones such as Liz Collins, Ezra Petronio or Drew Jarrett. And fresh faces (Natalie Westling, Binx Walton, Jean Campbell, Mica Arganaraz or Issa Lish) rub shoulders with Cara Delevingne, Edie Campbell (also a contributing editor for the magazine), Julia Nobis, Magdalena Frackowiak, Raquel Zimmermann or Kate Moss! The Best ones for the Best Fashion Magazine! 

Pic by Phil Poynter
Pic by Liz Collins
Pic by Patrick Demarchelier
Pic by Tim Walker
Pic by Tim Walker
Pic by Mario Sorrenti
Not to spoil the whole issue if you haven't read it yet (What? You haven't read it yet? What are you waiting for? Go go go!) here are some of the things we particularly LOVEd. According to us, a Fashion magazine is not all about beautiful pictures by the greatest photographers. Of course, it is important to showcase the clothes in the best possible ways but we also love to read exciting articles with great contents and unique points of view (that's why we also love reading I-D magazine & Dazed). On this particular point, there's no doubt that writer Murray Healy has a unique point of view and we especially adore his piece of writing about the pleasure you feel when having a fashion magazine in your hands and the idea of obsession & compulsion in Fashion called Fashion, Obsession and the Magic of Fetishism. You could buy this issue only to read this article, it's worth the price! 
A new issue of Love Magazine is also the occasion to discover new talents (essentially British ones) and a perpetual source of inspiration when you are a blogger. This time, they meet Riyo Nemeth, an artist who specialized herself in videos and whose sister is Lui, the co-founder of Primitive London, we had the chance to meet and photograph her last Summer so, it's like we could humbly feel a small connection with Katie Grand's magazine.
In a way or another, Love Magazine always manages to make one of our fashion dreams come true; this time, they ask Hanne Gaby Odiele, one of the most stylish models according to us, to style herself. As expected, the result is brilliant even if we would have loved to see more.
Last but not least, this magazine is the perfect place to read about designers: newcomers or legends. This time, they met Gareth Pugh (wearing his own collection), Joseph Carter (the design director of Marc Jacobs' Womenswear studio) but also and above all, the sensation Simone Rocha and the icon Vivienne Westwood. The first one talked to Adrian Joffe, the president of Comme des Garçons and Rei Kawakubo's husband and in a very relaxed interview (he has known her since her childhood), they spoke about the influence of her origins on her work, about travelling and her future projects. An enchanting discussion that makes this designer even more lovable.
The article about Vivienne Westwood (once again written by Murray Healy) is the occasion to learn more about her relationship with hubby (and head designer) Andreas Kronthaler. A perfect and touching couple and a nice text that is perhaps a perfect preamble to Westwood's autobiography (due in October).

Of course, there are many other parts of the magazine we love but it is such a pleasure to wander along its pages and discover its treasures that the best you can do is judging by yourself. And between you and us, owning it makes your shelves much more exciting!

Pic by Patrick Demarchelier
Pic by Rankin

In her editorial, Katie Grand explains that this issue was motivated by a desire to work with people she truly loves working with. She writes:" I suppose I could almost call it our Honest issue. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did working on it." But in the end, what started as a kind of selfish urge becomes a matter of universality. We love the artists and models she wanted to feature in this issue and we adore the shootings and stories she and her team tell us. So on that point we guess that this magazine has the most appropriate name ever!

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