Ann-Sofie Back only designs for women but that doesn't mean men cannot be infatuated with her addicting clothes. The boxy logo t-shirt and the sheer cropped leather jacket from her diffusion line BACK we luckily owned are showstopper pieces that go hand in hand in a men's wardrobe. We want to enjoy more of what she offers collection after collection. We have a natural connection with her unique aesthetic which comes from different backgrounds with the likes of punk, sportswear and high conceptual fashion. Her diffusion line is a success and she's got her own gangs out there around the world who are excited as we are to wear her much-anticipated Spring 2015.

The new Back girl fancies asymmetrical knitwear and leather jackets or fringe denim coat she can layer over an asymmetrical skirt, over a wide pant or a loose sporty trousers. She sometimes opts for a grey asymmetrical bustier suit over a black dress or she chooses a simple one shoulder grey t-shirt under a puffer camel asymmetrical long skirt. Back pushes the envelop further with tricky and unexpected propositions and the use of fabric when she mixes the one-shoulder metallic crinkled dress over a dramatic long sleeved check top. A sophisticated grey textured jacket embellished with a safety-pin or a stunning denim coat that is so daring and intriguing because of its unfinished fringe hem. These are Back signature pieces that have a strong impact on us, these boldness pieces are the one people are looking for in a collection. Those incoherent and unconventional ways of layering are both the strength and what makes this collection so charming and daring. The cut-off shoulder garments are one of Back's trademarks revealing a part of the body as much as reinterpreting such classical pieces as a trench-coat, a suit or a jacket. Back is obsessed with this part of the body which is an interesting perspective to put forward. A seductive femininity that is not overwhelming or clearly deduced. This sexy twist is somehow obvious in the jersey dresses and in the stretchy knit dresses.

Pics via Back Facebook from Radar Magazine
Of course, we are realistic and what will go hand in hand with our wardrobe is the leather asymmetrical jacket and the fringed denim one of this collection. But the AW 2014 pieces have already landed on her online shop and on Weekday to satisfy our love for Back. The logo "Love You Back" t-shirt and the "pyjama trousers" are definitely on our radar. But we are also (and in the first place) waiting for the next drop of AW 2014 pieces, especially the runway "Love You Back" shirt.

Pics via Back website

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