Fashion shows are often a kind of celebration, a party you wanna join and it suits perfectly to the SS15 Cheap Monday show where people were invited to join a pool party as if they were in an episode of 90210! Actually, it also reminded us of an episode of GIRLS where Hannah the character played by Lena Dunham, is on drugs (CAUTION: Drugs are bad) and dances to the Icona Pop hit "I Don't Care I Love It" as if tomorrow will never happen in a club somewhere in New York. This easy-going, non pretentious, spontaneous, carefree collection entitled Over My Dead Body is reflected in the explanation of the collection on the Stockholm Fashion Week website : "Mindless Optimism, naive and childish quality". After all, Summer is made for such a behaviour! Being free, dancing all night long, hanging in bars with friends and not caring about tomorrow! Carpe Diem just like when we spent our holidays in Berlin when we often saw the sun rise. The gang of designers at Cheap Monday knows how to capture a vibe, the vibe of the streets with cool kids, club kids, grunge boys & girls, party-harders for an explosive and really interesting result giving us the envy (almost the NEED) to wear these garments. There is not really a statement in this collection but radical looks with radical pieces (the pumps that even the boys are wearing!) and a radical makeup emphasizing the fact that you need to accept people as they are. Come As You Are, As You Were and As You Will Be! The mixing of genres adds a real plus to this collection, a je ne sais quoi making it highly desirable. That's what a party is made of: many people with their own personality and their own sense of style!

The washed blue denim pieces (definitely a 90's vibe) are cut & ripped to the extreme showing the body underneath and are always paired with graphic pieces (a black and red plaid shirt with slogan white jeans/ a knotted bra top over a kaleidoscopic shirt paired with an eyelet knitted skirt) or come with knotted pieces on the waist (a ripped denim jacket, a plaid shirt or a leather like jacket). The complex layering and styling are primordial to give this silhouette so you'd better mix all these propositions together! And of course, don't forget to grab your black cat eyes sunglasses and your pvc platform boots to head to your party or to whenever you're going!

This SS15 collection will for sure remain on the top of our wishlist till next season! Now, the only thing we still need is a swimming pool to jump excitingly into it and play with some inflatable toys just like the models did at the end of the show. After this, we believe over our dead bodies that Summer will be fun!

The Show pictures come from the Stockholm Fashion Week website.
The Swimming Pool pictures can be found on the Cheap Monday Facebook.

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