The ideal of Freja Dalsjo is "a woman, who is not even doubting. She is not innocent, but confident and seductive. She doesn't uniform herself with clothes, but frames herself in it". Women all around the world have been wearing her clothes since her first collection.  Dalsjo has succeeded in gathering a large audience around her, in convincing and reaching a lot of hearts and she got the attention of the whole world. She is not no longer the one to watch but a designer to follow and to count among the established brands of the Copenhagen Fashion Week ( #CPHFW). Her label is one of the reason that makes the Danish Fashion week so exciting and also the explanation of its growth and attraction and, the fact that buyers, media and bloggers have to attend it. Thanks to the young generation of designers such as Dalsjo it has become an unmissable event. The growing of her business is the next step to establish her label. She can rely on some important stockists in Europe and in Asia and the opening of her online shop is another step as much as a collaboration with such an emblematic brand as Norgaard Paa Stroget, famous for their made in Denmark line of t-shirts. Nowadays, the current presentations are as much as important as the opportunities to collaborate in a form of capsule collections and young designers definitely have to consider these short collections to be on everyone's lips.

Dalsjo delivered another vision of sophisticate and personal femininity through her Summer 2015 presentation. It has the same Japanese vibe that you could feel in her Summer 2014 collection in terms of the silhouette, the construction and the attitude but this time she added asymmetry, a kind of new tailoring, arty prints and complex drapery. She must have worked very hard to shape these silhouettes to be sexy, cool and sporty without too many effects: revealing a part of the body (cleavage, legs, arms, shoulders) or playing with see-through fabrics like a transparent red cotton dress covering the body but allowing the figure underneath to be still guessed. A tailored jacket is slightly opened in the front because of its curvy button-fastening line. An A-line dress is somehow a one-shoulder dress and it is not so straight. She experiments and makes these lines visible with these new shapes. A satin bustier top has a brand new perspective when its other part is silky draped and twisted around the neck. A silky one-shoulder top is literally wrapping the body like a one million dollar gift creating a dramatic effect. She never compromises on quality and craftsmanship as silk is her signature fabric. There is a lot of showstopper pieces such as the color blocking "furkenstocks", the delicate pearly accessories as the intriguing pearl ring nose and the exquisite pajamas such as the printed kimonos. Here you can notice again how she loves to play with  such fabrics as fur to embellish an oversize top or sporty sandals. Freja Dalsjo has produced a very seductive collection with not one but so many brilliant ideas! 

Pics via CPHFW website

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