We grew up in a society in which the notion of war is not something very close to us, maybe because we have not experienced it or we are not living in a country on war. Yet war is not very far. It's on the news, on TV, on the radio, on the web. It is on every continent in the world. People are suffering from it all over the world. This is an unbearable situation and unfortunately, we are very far from putting an end to it. The world is literally burning and we are all watching. It has become something that is quite "normal". However, it's not a losing cause and people can act at their own level with their own means of expression. 
Talking about it, we have to introduce you to the work of Wali Mohammed Barrech , a young Pakistani/Croatian designer graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp, whose collection was the viral moment of the Copenhagen Fashion Week. Barrech has clearly sent out a SOS that literally refers to the dramatic and strained world we live in just like Kawakubo did with her soldiers of peace. Regarding his background (born in Karachi and raised in Germany) Barrech could  not consider delivering his Spring 2015 collection without making any allusion to the intolerable state of the world. He presents a dystopian era made of utilitarian warming garments in high end technical fabrics. It is obviously inspired by sportswear, rainy-wear and outerwear for the people who will survive after the world's end. The functional aspect of the pieces are pushing the concept of unisex uniforms to an extreme level. It is highly statement pieces expressing the danger of  over-connection and over-communication that, in a way, make us forget what is important and essential in our lives. A printed t-shirt and its matching shorts is like a slogan, illustrating the fear and risk of this generation of communication, questioning the system like Raf Simons does. Other long dresses/t-shirts clearly point out the alarming situation with the word SoS displayed in the back, suggesting that we have already gone too far. Apart from the stand for something impact of this collection, one cannot ignore its commercial aspect because we're sure people will definitely want those bold t-shirts, those utility rain jackets and those color-blocking sandals.Thanks to Denmark and the CPHFW, Barrech has a lot of opportunities to develop his brand with the support of important stockists and media. Barrech designs clothes that have a soul, clothes that will last and clothes that imply a dialogue and nowadays these qualities are very rare. Buy less but above all choose Wali Mohammed Barrech!

 All these pictures come from the Copenhagen Fashion Week website.

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