Sweet dreams are made of  different things that we can't explain. Sometimes, it is either the depiction of our hidden secrets or some unavowed obsessions or it happens that it's clothes we want, dreaming they are falling out of our bedroom ceiling, surrounding us and as we are trying to reach them, it seems impossible to grab any of them! We look like Kate Moss in the most fantasized version of us and we can't stop screaming the name of brands we've been dreaming of for several nights. As if saying the name of the brand again and again would make the clothes appear or the dream stop because after several nights of repeating the same dream, it has become a nightmare! At the moment, we can't stop yelling the word Stella! Stella! Stella! just like some loony person. Actually, this is not a dream but the AW14 campaign of Stella McCartney starring her BFF Kate 'Supermodel' Moss acting like a Hitchcock blondie hunt down by her obsessions.

The campaign expresses the feeling that comes out of McCartney clothes. It is like the most dangerous drug and you will inevitably become an addict, suffering from what is like a disease that is quite impossible to heal. We are absolutely not objective after several viewings of the AW14 film. It has the same impact on us as when the video of her Pre-Spring 2015 collection was out. It is the kind of pieces that put a smile on your face and make you feel confident and sexy without showing too much of your body. McCartney is definitely a visionary woman who created a style that is still relevant and in which women can feel young, cool, sporty and also free to be who they want to be. It is easy to wear garments for women who just want to have fun. That's the spirit of the Pre-Spring 2015 that draws its inspiration from Japanese Manga Superheroes. One could dream of these decolleté dresses with silky printed patchworks that are opened in the back, the beige zipped and printed bustier slightly revealing a part of your belly paired with its matching trousers (she proposes different versions of this top in terms of colors if you are not a big fan of prints to go with other pieces of the collection), of the silky polka dot jumpsuit and also of all the Superheroes printed pieces. One could add on the top of its wishlist the sporty pieces and the funky accessories which are definitely must-haves such as the sandals and the bags. We could carry on and on like this, telling you again and again about the mesmerizing effect this collection had upon us, but there's no need! You have already been infected like us and the name Stella is like a sweet melody. Sorry but we aren't sorry to spread this disease to you. So, come on, let it go and say it aloud: Stella! Stella! Stella!

Pics via Stella McCartney's website

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