Among all the Comme Des Garçons Homme Plus collections, one we could never forget is the Spring 2011 collection. It's the one we love the most, definitely our favorite collection. Rei Kawakubo always plays with the idea of reinterpreting menswear classics such as the color black which is also the number one signature of the Japanese house. So skulls, checks, stripes and flowers are mixed together to shape a new silhouette that will last forever. This skull of life wardrobe clearly makes us forget the idea of wearing colors. Without perspective this collection could sound like a macabre celebration, but there is nothing gloomy or dark here. Black is nothing but a happy color for Kawakubo. We believe there's something magical about wearing black. It's the color in which we feel the most self-confident. We can't stop wearing black because there's no stronger color. These archive printed pieces are the one we want to wear for the rest of our lives. In a way, it is our own dream impossible wardrobe! We are currently looking for them on different auction sites such as ebay or buyee, trying to collect the whole collection. We've already spotted some pieces as you can see in the pictures below and now, it is another story: saving money. The road is still long but don't worry we'll keep you informed!
And you, what is your own impossible wardrobe? 

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