"Summer Summer where art thou?" The rain is hitting the windows of our flat, the wind is sneaking into the women's skirts in the streets and tousling well-brushed people. August is so sad this year. Fortunately, the September issues are coming out, bringing in their wake happiness and dream even if they feature Fall/Winter clothes... No, no, no that can't be! Our holidays may be over, we still need sunbeams on our faces, ice creams and amazing cocktails served in coconuts (that's just some kind of fantasy...). So it's high time to proclaim a state of emergency, to close our magazines and to plunge back into our photo albums (no I'm not a granny) well, to open the Pictures File in our computer and have a look at our Holiday pics.

As far as I can remember, I have always been on holidays by the sea. I even lived for a long time by the sea, in a city where this was (and still is) the only advantage. To be honest, there were some negative points: pebbles, people on pebbles but still, this was fantastic! Every day, I used to sit in front of the sea and watch at her just like you would look at amazing Dior dress whose colours would change hour after hour. Of course, it was not always beautiful. Sometimes, it was grey or dark when a storm was coming but it was so soothing. Just like me, the sea was not always even-tempered. Calm or wild, I had the feeling it understood me. Like I'm not a grandma, no, I'm not the sea spray whisperer. I just felt a connection with it and yet, I could never have been a sailor. Or a sailor à la Jean Paul Gaultier or perhaps this kind of sailor => Sailor without Lula ! I used to sit in front of it and write. Poetry or other things. A huge (almost never-ending) source of inspiration like Fashion could be for Yann & I nowadays. We sit, watch it (through magazines, runway shows, ad campaigns...) and inspiration comes easily. I don't know how people who have never see the sea do. I can't understand how they do. They surely have seen things I've never seen but something must be missing. As far as I'm concerned, without it, there would be an enormous hole inside me.

For years, my mother used to live in Granville, a charming and picturesque town of la Manche, not far away from le Mont Saint Michel, the local tourists' trap. Here, in Granville, you are literally surrounded by waters. There is complete feeling of freedom and serenity I have never experienced anywhere else or maybe in London but for totally different reasons. Here, people are artists, tortured, crazy but also generous and passionate. I spent wonderful moments here and discovered amazing places like Christian Dior's house (Dior again). A place perched on a cliff surrounded by a magnificent garden. An enchanting break in the middle of all these old and rough bricks characterizing the town. His house seems small but this is just an illusion. Pink like a small candy. A kind of dollhouse full of treasures. In Granville, skies are intense and never common or trivial. They seem to come from a painting by Monet or Turner. There is always something going on when you watch up. I can't wait to go back here with Yann. I can see us drinking champagne on the beach sitting on comfy blanket and lit by candelabra. This is not my imagination! This happened once! I'm telling you people are crazy there.

When I think of the city of my childhood and of its beach in particular, I can see almost instantaneously the boys who surfed. Actually, surfing is not the proper word. They stood on their boards in ludicrous waves about ten seconds and splash! It always ended like this, they paddled then went out of the water with a perfect wet strand, an ultra bright smile and the girls (and myself) were admiring. I have never been the cool guy but I would have loved to be part of that crew. A bit like the models surrounding Gisele Bündchen in the SS12 campaign. But let's be clear, these boys were not as sexy and handsome as these models. Unfortunately, I was not living in a life-sized Givenchy ad!

A few years ago, for our first holidays together with Yann, we went to Saint Malo in Brittany, a famous town of corsairs (but no Jack Sparrow in sight....) filled with tourists in Summer, because one more time, there was this need for sea air and to be in a place where we'll be disconnected from reality. Just like in Granville, here you feel safe, far away from the noise and tumult of your everyday life. Of course, you are "protected" from the outside world but not from the tourists and their improbable looks. On the other side, can we really talk about (or even criticize) their looks? Nowadays, even the things that seem the oddest when it comes to the people's look can appear all of a sudden on runways and then, in magazines and stores... What you found ugly and impossible on a tourist (white socks in sandals, bumbags, cycling shorts or jellies...) could become something ultimately cool so better be careful! Today's fashion faux-pas could become the next big thing! 


Of course, there will still be fashion magazines, collections, fashion weeks, ad campaigns to find inspiration, to dream and escape but sometimes you have to remember some genuine things, simple pleasures, free moments of happiness. Sitting by the sea, on pebbles or on the sand if you're lucky enough. Watching "surfers", runners, those walking their dogs or the holiday-makers with their very own looks. Then closing your eyes and being rocked by the sound of waves, letting the wind skim your face and feeling a slightly salty taste on your lips. You can also hum the catchy and heady Time to Wake up by the French band La Femme (also the soundtrack of the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2015 Collection). It doesn't cost a thing (if you are far from the seasit will cost you the price of a ticket) but it is so salutary! It's priceless!

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