Our initial reaction to the SS15 Meadham Kirchhoff collection was negative: "a trash, literal, punk collection!" Despite their energy and their very recognizable signature, we were disappointed thinking of irreverent garments with no new ideas. The message was not evident and we were not carried away. However, thanks to an interview of Edward Meadham published on Dazed Digital, we could consider their Oh La La show in a brand new perspective and now we can honestly admit that we clearly missed the mark.

"Freedom is not true. There's no such thing as freedom. We live in this disgusting culture where freedom is this myth that everybody sort of believes in. There's no equality. Women still don't have full equal rights. Homosexuals still don't have equal rights. I have people shout at me every single place I go. It's apparently fine for people to bother women, to rape women, to bother homosexuals and I'm sick of it really."

After this expressive manifesto we had to do something and to bring the noise to this stand for something collection. This collection finally has a personal echo because all homosexuals and women out there in the world, we all share the same story, the injuries, the bad jokes, the nasty stares and much much more. We are living in a dystopian world without exaggeration and the utopia is probably to be found in the world of Meadham Kirchhoff where you can actually wear what you want without people staring at you. Every single piece is an excess of colours, tastes, shapes, fabrics and style. Less is more is clearly a bad word for Edward and Benjamin. The kitsch duo brought up riot slogan t-shirts, bright fringed tops and trousers made of faux leather, vinyl gloves, alien erotic bodies and revisited all the garments you could find in a sex shop. These boys delivered a maximal Punk collection referencing Dame Vivienne Westwood, seditionaries and feminism. All the pieces of their collection are a reaction and a response to those who don't understand that we are all humans and are all born free.

Backstage pics by Piczo via I-D Online

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