All eyes were drawn toward the next round for Marc by Marc Jacobs (now to be called MBMJ) by Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier. By far, the most anticipated presentation of the week due to the Street-core motocross clash subculture move of last season. The Fall Winter 2014 collection was a monument. A breakout rebirth that many had been waiting for. A new manifesto from the Marc Jacobs diffusion line bringing a unique dialogue understood by a large tribe gathering different generations together! We had so many expectations for Spring Summer 2015. Perhaps having too many sometimes ruin it all and honestly, we are now having mixed feelings. We love the kick-ass girls, the 80's rave vibes in the air, the boldness and the polka dots galore but we will wait for the next collection. It's weird because this collection has a lot of arguments. Maybe we just cannot help comparing it to the Fall collection. So obsessed with the previous collection  that we don't make room for the Spring one! What the hell is wrong with us?! We may not be ready to say goodbye to the old one and just say hello to the new one! That's probably the only sensible explanation. 

However, the new world system girl imagined by Bartley & Hillier has a lot of attitudes, irreverence and charm we can't ignore. The silhouette works very well with the play on layerings and with the mix of fabrics. Cropped tops go hand in hand with wide trousers as much as layering pvc, cotton, sheer and nylon together. There is no restraint beauty here but an assumed eccentricity. This is the direction of the designers this season as much as referring to the English club culture. The set made us think of the Hacienda and the Manchester clubbing scene! A pale blue polka dot bra over a cropped tee paired with white nylon wide short along with pale pink PVC arm sleeves and leggings, this is the perfect outfit for a sleepless night out in the city. An oversized white shirt over a pleated skirt or a tee with an asymmetrical bustier dress are looks to remember and girls will opt for the total look adding both the PVC arm sleeves and the leggings. So, to sum it up and after thinking about it twice, even if it's not our favorite this collection remains for sure one of the best of the week and once again, one step ahead for Luella & Katie!

Pics by Lea Colombo for DazedDigital

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