The tense situation in which the world is in has always inspired the designers who make conceptual fashion. The Anti-Fashion as they were called in the 90s, are those who move us again with their radical collections. But we cannot consider these collections as politically meaningful collections but they are more an observation of today's state of the world. The past seasons at Comme des Garçons are the ones with the most creativity, boldness, uniqueness and excessivity. Rei Kawakubo and her team are always trying to propose things that have never been done regarding the cuts, layerings, shapes, ideas leaving us completely speechless and astounded.
For Spring Summer 2015, the Comme des Garçons woman will only be clad in red. After the White Drama of SS12 which was already a highest level in creation, now it's time for a Red Drama. Red is according to us the most visually shocking colour. Backstage, the Japanese designer (and Legend) defined to Style.com that it was the colours of "roses and blood". With these two small words, several interpretations are possible and we can associate it to the tormented world, to Passion, to Sex, to Love, to Violence. It's also a certain idea of beauty hiding an inner strength and threat: a red rose is always beautiful but we always have to bear in mind that it has sharp thorns. For Rei Kawakubo, there is always something underneath. We never have to take for granted what we see or read (this complexity can also be found in the name of the brand itself: Comme des Garçons). There is always a play on the limits, the borderline: here we are clearly on the limits of ready to wear. Once again, it's a way to show us how deceptive things can be. 
What is sure is that Rei Kawakubo always has things to tell, her point of view is always renewed (contrary to many designers...) and she never ceases to make our eyes travel.

Pic by Susie Bubble for Dazed

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