When you think how overloaded the business of fashion is you wonder how newcomers manage to struggle to stand out and have a voice out there. The relevance of a new collection whoever you are is essential! Christopher Shannon had to think of these matters to launch his line for girls. Thanks to the success of his main and diffusion line (Kidda), Shannon can focus on his next project with a lot of  confidence. 
"I saw no point in just re-coloring the men's look, or adding them in small seizes. We had to really focus on the woman. I know so many women in the industry and the arts sector and few of them wear what i see on catwalks. I wanted this to be another option. I also wanted to relate on the mood that we created for the men's line, a sort of modern non-stuffy Britishness that's always a bit sporty and has an ease" he said to Dazed Digital.
Shannon got a clear portrait of who his girl and not woman is even if he wants to give an opportunity for women to feel comfy and unique in the clothes they wear. Shannon creates a style and brings a new vibe that got what he calls Britishness which is hard to define. His girl is the archetype of modernity and she is full of contradictions, mixing different styles. That's the definition of a modern girl. Shannon's girl can be sporty, boyish and childish with a lot of attitudes, sophistication, elegance and irreverence. She will be cool in an oversize ruffle dress as much as in a printed bomber jacket paired with its matching track pants. Obviously, the Spring Summer 2015 collection will be another success. Christopher Shannon captured the vibe that women and girls are looking for.


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