Nobody owns the street culture or sportswear. There is no king or queen but designers who succeed in creating collections that got that vibe. It's Alexander Wang, it's Shayne Oliver but it's also the Korean designer, Kathleen Kye. She dedicates her brand to high end fashion twisting it with sportswear. Her eponymous brand somehow represents her lifestyle. It is what she wants to wear and it is a reflection of her personality. Yet, Kye is not another sportswear brand. Her aesthetics is unique and her collections always stand out. That's why Kye caught our attention 2 years ago. It is tough for young designers to stand out but she succeeded because she really has something to say. Each of her collections deserves a short piece of writing about it. Her garments produce a nice addiction and there are always many pieces we'd love to wear. Actually, that's the main issue of her Spring Summer 2015 collection because we really want it all!
Bugs are really not are favorite animals. We can almost say that they are the ones we hate the most (sorry for bugs lovers). Thanks to Kathleen Kye, we are probably going to make peace with the bees embroidered on the shirts, jackets, t-shirts and shorts almost like a logo for the next summer collection. The bees are literally flourishing through the flowers on the sharp tailoring pieces that go with tracksuits or wide shorts made of leather with lazer-cut patterns of chains. There is also this explosive hive print giving us the impression that fire walks with these pieces. We love the idea of clothes that set you on fire. That's why Kye is not another sportswear brand! There's a lot of brand with sporty vibe. But, there's no one like Kye.

Pics from Kye Lookbook

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