It is definitely a busy year for Alexander Wang. We have already talked about his name to be on everyone's lips (if it's not already the case) thanks to the success of his eponymous brand and to his capsule collection with H&M. This utilitarian "I'm a survivor" collaboration is full of addictive pieces that are part of our current obsessions. It is one of our favorite collabs with the high street brand but yet, Margiela was the best of all. We were not sure at first about this collab, but now it's clear, we want most of the logo pieces such as the neoprene boxy sweater, the gloves, the leggings and even the t-shirt/dress we are going to steal from the girls' wardrobe. We are even considering the "objects" and accessories such as the mesh bag and sunglasses. Wang has created a collection embodying a lot of energy, movement and strength. It is a faster, stronger and harder move. 

This spirit is also the mood of his Spring Summer 2015 collection for Balenciaga. Wang delivers a collection free from the ghosts of the former creative designers. No need to be shy any longer and this attitude is what people can draw from this collection. It is now clearly Wang's era at Balenciaga. The first collections were just a transition/introduction to this latest collection. He can edit what he really wants now and can do things he really believes in.

This time, Wang wanted his Balenciaga collection to have his name label on it. He didn't need another beautiful collection. He was just looking for signature pieces that people could recognize as the Balenciaga woman as seen by Wang. He didn't just bring up trademarks from his eponymous label but designed street couture for Balenciaga. That's his legacy to the luxury house. Perhaps the Fall 2012 cable knit turtleneck from his eponymous brand was one of the main references for Balenciaga as it was part of the setting and was to be found in the garments. One cannot forget the large cable knit layering over a dress or a mesh skirt as one cannot forget the "matrix-like" oversize coats made of 'meshy' leather. There were many silhouettes to remember like the sheer woven tops paired with 'meshy' skirts. It is at the same time fragile and very sexy. Some parts of the body are revealed but not too many. No heels here but flat shoes. There are the black and white colors and the embellishments, all being signatures of the house, but also pale colors, a t-shirt/dress and a shirt/dress going hand with the outstanding mesh. The designer brings some coolness and relaxed without killing the couture vibe of his collection. Alexander Wang wants to break free and it's definitely a success!

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