Swedish Fashion Goes Paris (until October 19th) is a tribute to the creative power of the Swedish fashion scene and its enlightenment in the world gathering over 15 years of creations thanks to the initiative of the Swedish Institute of Paris. It's through this very important decade that came out talented designers that has changed the face of Swedish fashion. It was not another minimalism revolution! This new wave of designers share a more radical and more do it yourself heritage from the 90's and the 80's new wave movement. It was a brand new savoir-faire and a new approach to fashion bringing fresh air. The attempt of this exhibition was to capture this vibe created by this new generation. Obviously, minimalism always means something to this new generation by keeping the focus on maintaining the highest level of craftsmanship. The institute curates for the exhibition some of the most outstanding works with the likes of Altewaisaome, Sandra Backlund, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Atelier Ann-Sofie Back, Helena Hörstedt and Bea Szenfeld. Those pieces are not really ready-to-wear garments but more a response to those thinking that Swedish fashion is the land of boring minimalism where  the only prevailing colour is black. These pieces are curated to put an end to stereotypes and to show what is really Swedish fashion. They may not have métiers d'art ateliers but Swedish designers can create pieces that are not very far from Couture. Most of all the pieces selected by the Swedish Institute are handmade such as the stunning knitted top by Sandra Backlund mixing wool and mohair. You could think of the never-ending hours to embroider the beads and the sequins of the jacket and the skirt. It's insane! Those unique details demand a lot of work revealing the uncompromising quality of the products. Even if these pieces look fragile, they are made to last. So long live Swedish Fashion!

Pic by Johan Sandberg

Bea Szenfeld

Helena Hörstedt, Vth Avenue Shoe Repair


Sandra Backlund

Sandra Backlund

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  1. Great exhibition, Swedish design is really fabulous!



  2. Wow, this is awesome! I'm a big fan of Swedish design- there's nothing boring about black! [and the other colors featured here] It's all about the textures. ;)


  3. This seems to be a very beautiful exhibition. When I studied in Paris for a studied in Paris for a semester earlier this year I absolutely loved the Swedish institute and its neighbourhood.

  4. Such an amazing collection! Whimsical!