Alexander Wang will be on everyone's lips  for the weeks to come! Wang X H&M is going to bring his name to the global scale.  The collection is going to be live-streamed to the world tonight. His name will be known by people in the world if it wasn't already the case. That's the magic power of a collaboration with a global high street market. For those like us who could not afford a full price Wang's piece it is a opportunity to grab some well-made garments he designed. The capsule collection is a re-edition of his savoir-faire putting forward his obsessions with street culture as the pieces are dedicated to kick-ass sporty girls and boys who are fond of the 90's logo-mania in black, white and grey colors. Wang had to go back to his own archives to drop some of his trademarks. One can acknowledge that these Wang X H&M got the vibes of his latest shows from the Spring Summer 2013 to the Spring Summer 2015. It's utilitarian, sporty, sharp, sleek and absolutely modern. We are not sure we are going to participate (wake up earlier and wait long hour in the cold). It's not Margiela X H&M. Perhaps we are going to try the online shop of H&M expecting no shutdown. We don't know yet. But we warmly recommend this collection to you!

The collection will be available in store and online on November the 6th!

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